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  1. The NuCanoe is a very new thing at the moment. I would definitely classify it as canoe/kayak hybrid. I was able to get out on my buddy's and the two of us were able to fish simultaneously and I'm a big guy. These crafts are like swiss army knives and the options to customize them to your needs is almost endless. As long as transportation isn't a problem I'd say it's a no brainer to go with the NuCanoe. I have a pontoon and can't stand how my fly line wraps around this, that, and the other. Also, you'll eventually get that slow or major leak and have to deal with patching. You can also cut through the water with ease with a slimmer craft and navigate skinny water which opens up your options a lot. Here is his little write up on in that you may find useful from a satisfied customer. He's had no trouble in moving water and for still water fishing you can really cruise. Perhaps the best thing I noticed about it was the casting platform attachment. You can stand and stabilize yourself no problem. http://trouterspace.com/2013/09/19/summer-bassin-nucanoe-frontier-12/
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