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  1. Hi guys, Great feedback, firstly to flyfishing jam, great to hear that! To piker it's a small river near lockinver, not wide but deep holes as you get with a peat river ( out of interest how deep would you fish in these, or I should also say what do you think is the deepest you have hooked a salmon) To answer carp question, they tast delicious you just keep them in a bucket of fresh water for 24hrs which you can change befor you cook them! Wonderful firm white flesh and if you have never fly fished for them give it a go great sport!,, And laxi very good advice for helping the fish revive thanks. Please keep the answers coming, and if anyone has hooked a salmon in a dark peat river using a wet fly I would love to know the depth and style of fly Ed
  2. I'm very interested to get people's views on this subject as I know they will differ greatly. I salmon fish in NW Scotland where slowly the trend is moving towards catch and release. I fly fish for pike in the winter, which is all catch and release. With flyfishing for pike we are encouraged to use heavier tackle eg an 8wt rod and heavier leader. The theory behind this is you play the fish for less time and when the fish is released it is not totally depleted! Also the intro of barbless hooks (I don't need to explain the benefit in a C&R fishery do I?). So you can probably see where I'm going with this..... Last summer 3 fish were played beautifully and skillfully into the back by members of the party I was with in Scotland. Two of them died from sheer exhaustion of a 30min fight and the other well I hope it's still swimming. My question is at what stage do we start to migrate to heavier tackle and barbless hooks in the quest for preservation of our native stocks? I for one will be fishing this summer with an 8wt, heavier leader and barbless hooks as I endeavor to release all I catch. That said I need to catch the silver king first any fly suggestions please? Edward
  3. Hey C Belize is the most amazing place if you go get intouch I can recommend the best couple of permit guides in souther belize. Having said that I don't want to f**k with your fresh water triumphs. The problem with fishing is often the best spots are just around the corner from where we live but we still travel stupid distance. I've recently started flyfishing for pike a great alternative In the winter to trout and they inhabit the rivers and canals of where I'm from which trout don't!,,, All the best Ed
  4. Hi rob, That's more than I could ask for thanks ever so much. I'm here till next Thursday. But fly on Thursday! My bali phone is 0812 37 653979. If he wants to call Really thanks again Ed
  5. Oh and thanks for the tip about the bank
  6. Hi C, Thanks for that fantastic, ill be north of Ullapool, on a small river running through a lovely little estate. I've fished it for years but have spent the last two in belize and discovered saltwater fly fishing. With salt water fishing I also discovered a whole new batch of flys and curiosity of cause makes me interested in crossover. I will ofcourse fish with these flys anyway just to see ill let you know. Thanks Ed
  7. Hi everyone, I'm going salmon fishing this summer in Scotland. I am very interested to know if anyone has had much success using clousers or half and halfs to catch adlantic salmon? If yes I would love to know which types. Also if you had success catching sea trout with these patterns please report. Great to be amongst like minded people Ed
  8. Hi rob I'm in bali at the moment, I have all my gear with me is there any chance you could put me intouch with your father in law a I would love to hook up with him. Thanks Ed
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