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  1. Jim, how big do the peacock bass get in singapore?
  2. Just looked through the site capt. GREAT looking flies. Very impressive. I really like the baboon fly. It looks like something the bonefish would just love.
  3. Very nice fly Jimmy. Great variety of fish also from the pictures. I have a question for you. I was looking at your zero muddler pattern in the archive and noticed a picture of a butterfly peacock bass in there as well. Where do you do your fly fishing? Florida?
  4. My birthday is comming up in may and I'm going to be buying 2 new rods and reels. I currently have a nine weight outfit (gloomis cross-current 9wt and old florida 5SA) which I use for all of my saltwater fishing. Anything from snook to bonefish.....I want to get a heavier rod for tarpon and bluewater action and a lighter rod for multi-purpose fly fishing but mostly backcountry and peacock bass. My heavy stick of choice is going to be the Sage 11wt rplxi (got a great deal on it) with an old florida nautilus 12. This is not my concern. What I'm not sure about is the light rod and reel. I'm contemplating purchasing the gloomis streamdance 6 weight with a gloomis venture 7 but don't know much about the rod except that it's a good looking rod. Does anyone have any opinions on the streamdance series for saltwater or recommendations on other rods? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  5. Thanks for the response CaptEd. The local fly shop I go to down here in Miami carries plenty of that material in all sorts of colors but I just couldn't tell what it was from the picture. Going to have to pick some up and start experimenting. Thanks again......
  6. Hey CaptEd, what material did you use on those clousers??
  7. Hey Saltydog, that fly you posted looks like something that a cobia would just love. You gotta recipe for that bad boy???
  8. John, thanks for posting your rendition of the fly. I didn't know that there was another version of the fly. The one I posted came from this website http://www.flyfishusa.com/flies/02-bonefish-new.htm. Hey Salty, that's a nice looking fly.......
  9. flyingbones76


    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flyingbones76: Hoover
  10. Thank you John, I really appreciate that. Specially coming from a tyer of your skill level.
  11. Manny, there is no need to apologize. That fly is a work of art.
  12. That's true trout but I made this one more as a test fly that turned out to be very productive for me. First day in the water, it landed me 5 nice sized bass including a 5 pounder and a few lost as well. It's also a very durable fly when tied properly. All the fish I caught the first time out were on the same exact fly. It works very well when the Peacock Bass are bedding. But you'd actually be suprised about the kinds of flies you can actually catch them on down here. I know of a guide that uses chartreuse pink bonefish flies for em'. There are countless color combinations that will work on them. They are a very aggressive fish.
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flyingbones76: Peacock Bunker
  14. Jim, I second that motion.....but how about strapping cut bait to his genitles and letting the tarpon go to town??
  15. Here's my version of an EP bunker tied specifically for Peacock Bass down hear in South FLA. Let me know what you guys think..
  16. Just looked through the Fly Shop and it looks really good. Already saw somethings on there that I'd like to order already. Keep us posted on when it'll be ready.....
  17. I just wanted to say hello. My name is Tony and I've only been fly fishing and tying for almost 2 years but I'm always looking to improve my skills . Gimme a fly rod before any other piece of fishing tackle and I mean that!! Living down here in Miami, Fl for 27 going on 28 years. Looking forward to many great threads!! Once again, pleasure to be aboard Tony
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