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  1. Nothing you guys probably havent seen before but here goes.
  2. Just updated my blog with a new video from my travels to New Zealand. Hope you guys enjoy it. what it at my blog http://www.fantasticmrtrout.com there you can find other info and if your in need of a guide for good fishing in Norway or sweden let me know. or watch the video here https://vimeo.com/79418417
  3. Caught a few good ones this season that I will share on my website http://www.fantasticmrtrout.com, There is a story on there now on how I caught this big brown. enjoy
  4. Thanks Guys! wow Stendalen is here, didn t know that! See you on thursday at profly?
  5. Hi. Here is step by step on how I tie my may-fly nymphs. probably nothing new on this board, but thought I´d make a thread about it anyway. http://fantasticmrtrout.com/fly-tying-step-by-step-guides/
  6. Hi. I would say it all depends on the fish and where in the world you are fishing. Let say you are fishing in New zealand, I never fish anything less of 15 foot, the trout are super spooky and I like to have a bit of a buffer from tippet to fly line. Here in sweden and Norway I will fish with a 9 or 12 foot leader, that is including the tippet.
  7. Hi guys, this is my new blog, http://ww.fantasticmrtrout.com There will be some good stories from New zealand, Sweden and Norway coming up. I been fly tying for 23 years now and there will be some interesting patterns posted as well. I am also available to help you guys setting up the trip of your dreams to New Zealand, were you will be using the best guides, staying at the most luxurious lodges and fishing for trophy trout in New Zealands prestine wilderness. Hope you like the blog. / Fantastic Mr Trout
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