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  1. Something about black and yellow, It really compliments each other, I really like this rod. Nice work
  2. I have brought up to three rods as carry on at once. They were 4 piece rods. I just duct taped the tubes together and they didn't even question it
  3. I went a few hours out of town to fish and was all packed up and excited for the day, got a fresh leader out, put my rod together and then looked for my reel..............it was on the table at home exactly where I left it after cleaning the line
  4. That's great Steve, such a hard addiction to give up. I've been quitting on and off for 25 years and it's tough. Congrats
  5. That's great Steve, what an accomplishment!
  6. I hope this rod owner has plenty of employees, because he's not going to want to go to work anymore
  7. What would you use for line on a rod like that? I've heard of micro fishing but really don't know anything about it
  8. My wife and I are coffeeholics, we have a tassimo and a Nespresso machine side by side at home. I prefer mine black but she likes to "taint" hers with cream and sugar.......straight up blasphemy in my eyes. Ive heard South America has some very good coffee
  9. Thanks for posting, free books on fly fishing are my favorite!
  10. Spanky29ca


    I can relate to that Steve, when I was farming I ran over a badger hole and he came out and attacked the large tractor wheel while I was moving. There are some pretty good videos on YouTube of badgers going up against bears. Feisty buggers they are, no doubt about it
  11. Spanky29ca


    I have a guy that does them for me Steve, Id be scared to see what mine would look like lol. I have two other pheasants as well but that's about it for me. I haven't harvested a deer worth displaying as I usually just bow hunt for the meat and take whatever comes along.
  12. Spanky29ca


    I'm in Canada and the Badgers we have here are called the "American Badger". The Badgers you have in Europe are very nice animals as well and I'm guessing just as mean, I was grouse hunting when I shot this guy and I'd say it was more for self defense than anything. He scared the crap right out of me when he came out of the trees.
  13. Spanky29ca


    I know this topic isn't for everyone but I enjoy taxidermy and I'd like to see what people have in their man cave. I Don't have any fish yet but I plan on getting a couple replicas done, my wife's first fish on a fly rod and the cuttie that broke my 2wt rod. I just picked up my badger from last fall and a pheasant from 2014 as well. Here is my Pheasant, he is still drying, I can remove the tape in pins in a couple weeks.
  14. I don't think I would ever leave that room! I have two weeks until we move into my new house and I will have my own man cave as well. Just in time because I'm picking up my taxidermied pheasant and badger tomorrow
  15. A big Merry Christmas to you all as well, I hope everyone is able to spend some time with family and friends
  16. It's looking really good, I always enjoy your tank builds, you have a great eye for detail
  17. That's a great gift, I'll bet he will be extremely happy with that rod. A very nice gesture
  18. Happy Birthday Steve, hope it's a good one
  19. Really nice job, I especially like the two tone blue with gold, I have a funny feeling there may be a certain blue color fan that will be chiming in on this one soon as well )
  20. Welcome to the forum Chris! The Habs part is quite disturbing to me (being a Flames fan) but hey your a fellow fishman so I can look past that. Enjoy the forum and all of the knowledge provided
  21. wow those little trees are really pretty in both spring and fall
  22. Very nice, do these types of trees flower in the spring as well Steve?
  23. It's actually quite common with a lot of hunting dogs, I let them do all the hard work such as obedience and conditioning them for shotgun use, this enables them to weed out any shotgun shy dogs. Labradors are very loving dogs and transition quite well to a new master from what I understand. I have plenty of time to continue training an already obedient dog but I don't really have the time or land to shoot a shotgun around him year round.I had a golden Retriver before and I swear he would have taken off with a total stranger if they gave him a pet. I guess you can really look at this dog similar to a guide dog for the blind, they get trained in some cases for three years and then off they go with their new master and all is well after some love is spread.
  24. Where I'm from in Canada we usually blame the cold weather coming down from Alaska
  25. Wow that's a tank!! That would make the trip worth it right there. Looks like a beautiful stream Steve
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