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  1. If you have a cabelas around you they have bags onsale all the time.... My cabelas in hamburg Pa even has a return section.... purchased a large bag for waders in store was around 69.99 because it was a return with a monogram on it I payed 10.99 great bargain!!!! Good luck!
  2. Hi all, I've been tying for awhile (self taught with books and videos) and my flys work good. Problem is they dont always look good or the same proportions. What tips would you guys have to improve my tying techniques. Thanks in advance,
  3. Hi, Does anyone know what to use for floatant on a furled leader? Made some of my own but dont know what to use for Dry fly leader? THanks in Advance!
  4. Is there any place out there (wally world, JoAnns, Micheals) that sells antron yarn? I know they dont make it anymore but is there anything like it? Is there a yarn brand that has part antron in it? Thanks in advance
  5. In your tying Tech. you mention David Martin tech. on the fly....Who is that and where are his tech. noted? Thanksssss
  6. What do you guys use to water proof furled leaders.... I heard watershed....is that thompson watershed like on a wood deck?
  7. I use both fed-ex envelopes (free) and tyvek suits...(free also I work in the environmental field.... ) I've cut the envelope into thin strips and used them for quill bodies.....you can color the top and bottom differant colors.....
  8. Hi all, I will be trying salmon or steelhead fishing soon and I am about to get some gear....what rod size and lenth would you suggest.... thanks
  9. Ill tell you about my little secret here in Pa..... When I first started tying (25 yrs ago) the pattern I was tying called for the urine stained belly of a red fox.....Yeah like I had that laying around.... I looked down and there smiling at me was a Red chow puppy...... humm red fox....red chow.... so I combed the puppy....wow very soft.... I tied the nymph pattern and have been tying if ever since.... I dont know if it is the dogs oil in the fur or what...... I took many of laughs from friends until they saw the fish I caught with max.....( joesmax my nick you figure it out)....but yrs later I lost max..... NO he didnt die..... Divorce.... my friends begged for max fur..... nope I needed it.... yrs later my new wife purchased me a new chow puppy just for the fur...... try it you might like it...... (no puppy was hurt in the making of any of my max flie...)
  10. HI, Just wanted to know what type of fish you use these leaders on.... I fish mostly small to med streams in Pa..... for trout.....thanks
  11. I used two types of glitter with good results for both. 1. glitter nail polish - ive used it on the head and the wing case for nymphs, comes in many different colors with smaller flakes. 2. glitter glue sticks witch have a larger flake for poppers and larger flys. Good luck
  12. Thanks, But if I may add to the question. I have some white foam I had lying around the house....I guess you normally find it when you buy like a TV. The packing found to support and protect the unit...it has bubbles that are both open and closed depending on how it is cut. Would this be considered open or closed? Thanks again, Hey im just trying to understand.....joe
  13. HI all, Ive have my interest peaked at tying with foam. I've gone to local book store but have found nothing on tying with the different types. Can anyone describe the difference between close and open cell. I have purchased the foam that many of you have been talking about at walmarty. But since I dont know the difference between the two im wondering what to use for different flys. Please if you can discribe the difference and what applications they might be used for....\ thanks in advance, Joe Myers
  14. Hey, I looked for the price on the bench but didnt see one? thanks
  15. Just picked up the Joan Wulff fly casting video at the somerset show....I read a article in one of the Magazines that it was good. Well thats a understatement the video is about and Hour and 1/2 with great stuff.. She has won alot of casting championships and over 60yrs experiance plus she learned alot from Lee Wulff her now deceased husband... Check it out not only for basic's but advanced tech. as well.
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