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  1. Ccg is clear cure goo. I got the starter kit with a thick and a thin in a syringe style applicator. I don't really mess with the goo to much once on the fly. I will definitely try some of these methods used above. Thanks for all the advice. I will let you know how they turn out.
  2. Just wondering how to keep air bubbles from forming under the heads I am trying to cure? Have only tried 2 flies but it happened on both. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated.
  3. Wouldn't have thought about it that way. I have seen similar flies at the shop. So maybe I should try fishing it a couple different ways. I'll let you guys know how it works as soon as this crazy wind lays down. Thanks for all the good insight.
  4. Now if I could just find something that eats stingray besides shark... no offence taken. Thanks
  5. Just wanted to see if anyone had any favorite flies for tampa bay redfish and snook ? Mostly fish shallow flats,mangroves and docks. Also wanted to know of any good flies for night fishing all of these same places?
  6. Thanks for the helpful input guys. I'll be sure to keep these things in mind.
  7. So I am working with the EPS and was using to much fibers. So I started with a smaller baitfish. Now I think I went to sparse. ? Also I put together this critter. Be nice I'm three months new. Plus only have a camera phone.
  8. You guys are funny... thank god I'm not on trial! I think I've been through enough scrutiny in my life to withstand a little verbal abuse. Thanks for the warning though. Shobop, I have already been victim to sleepless nights and a shrinking bank account because of this new addiction. But every time I drive by the fly shop my car automatically turns in that direction. It will not stop.
  9. Hey, thanks for the warm welcome and kind words from all. After everything I read I tried to keep the materials to a minimum. Guess I'll give it another go. Agn, with my untrained eyes I didn't even notice until you pointed the front bottom section out. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys. Just started tying and fly fishing in Jan. Just wanted to share a couple flies with you, and am looking for any and all constructive criticism. Thanks. Looking forward to your replies. Ps. Sorry if pics aren't the best. Pics taken from my phone.
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