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  1. Thanks buddy fr the praises will put up a sbs for your sake it's a real....easy tie!
  2. it's been a while since i got behind my favorite desk..... Hook: Size 6 Daichi long shank. Body: Thick yarn all round hook shank with cone head. Eyes: Flash doll eyes. Tentacles: Craft fur. Skin: Surgical Tape and finish with 3D fabric paint. Hope you like it....
  3. Please do pardon me it's my first time posting SBS..... Comments and feedbacks please....
  4. Thank you guys for the wonderful and motivating comments.....
  5. water test for semi realistic mayfly....
  6. Woven with thin strip foam sheets, mono legs and tail, wings sticky tape....fishable and it floats!!! your feedbacks please....
  7. Thanks guys for the encouraging feedbacks... Body: Thick Foam Furry Segments: Ostrich Plume Spots: Dubbed nail polish
  8. Thanks for the praises I actually cut and trimmed thick foam to form the body and 2mm foam sheets for the legs and fore arms with wire insert....
  9. Thanks for the praises Mike the legs are Partridge feather quills with nail polish dubbed at the joints....
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