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  1. Heading down to RI/CT on Thursday for 3 days (perhaps only 2 if the Sat weather prediction holds...ugh). We might make the run across to Montauk, but not sure.
  2. jared

    Hello backing....

    So I am told. Was intending to break out the 14wt tomorrow, but am unable to resolve a child pickup issue. With less fishing time on my hands, going to stick to chasing slower fish in the Habah tomorrow AM instead. -J
  3. jared

    Hello backing....

    'Fraid I can't speak to that...the few that we've kept over the years have either ended up as sashimi or pan-sear -- they are delicious. However the vast majority that I've caught have all been released. -j
  4. jared

    Hello backing....

    Sarda sarda...aka Atlantic Bonito.
  5. Nice to see line & backing flying off the reel once again...I love these guys! -J
  6. If you are commercially tying, then presumably you would be getting materials @ wholesale prices no? Especially something like eyes which are relatively easy to quality control and don't need to be combed over the way fur/feathers would.... -J
  7. No great size to them (biggest maxed @ 24") -- but we got into an absolute smorgasbord of stripers. Sometimes busting on the top, sometimes busting under birds, often just a carpet of fish on the fishfinder. What can best be described as "stupid fishing". Too bad we didn't bring the kids along -- they would have had a field day. Both thumbs are shredded. Sadly, we didn't find any big bass, nor any of the Fall blues that we were hoping for. On the plus side, no sign of any gannets yet, so there ought to be some good fishing yet. Water temps are still plenty warm for both species. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze another trip or two out before it will be time to winterize the boat. -J
  8. jared

    RI/CT Waters

    Dragged the boat down to Rhode Island last Sunday with a buddy -- found small blues & decent bass off Watch Hill -- but too many boats for our taste. Ran down the coast and found solitude at a stretch that was good for me last year and once again produced -- but the fish weren't feeding with any pattern that we could discern, so it made it tough to set up on them w/ any regularity. Then headed across the sound and found a mix of blues & albies. Didn't catch as many as we'd have liked/should have...never got the pattern/presentation exactly right, despite boating some. Water temps are still pretty good though, so with any luck we'll have a prolonged fall season. My next shot won't be until the first weekend in November -- hope the fish stick around. tight lines, -J
  9. Looks like I even found my bite-sized hooks so I should be good-to-go to tie tonight. Anyone else going? -J
  10. anyone else going tonight? -J
  11. jared


    Bones are awesome fish...until you catch an albie of equal size (which will drown a bonito)...unless you catch a bluefin -- then the game changes forever. Each is amazing in its own right. -J
  12. jared


    Managed to get out with my brother for a few hours Sunday morning...landed my first bone of 2006. A nice 8lb'er to boot! Had a hook pull on a second...my own stupidity. One would think that I would have learned not to horse in a green fish by now. Oh well. Was great to feel that forked tail speed again. Happy fishing all! -J
  13. jared

    Weighting Hooks

    Some excellent suggestions to be sure...do note however, that there are some parts of the world where use of lead in flies has been banned, so make sure of the regs before you start dunking some of these deep-diving-bad-boys! -J
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