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  1. I pretty much ditto what FlyFishin'Jam said. I like (as primary colors) black/blue, black/purple, black/pink, or black/orange combos in dirty water, with substantial profiles. At the end of the day they are steelhead, and they will smack anything . . . so long as you find a 'player' (i.e., a metalhead aggressive enough to smack a fly). Good luck! Let us know how you did.
  2. Very fishy! Like all the detail on the body. agn54 - I'm pretty certain that it is peacock breast feather, but Piker will need to confirm.
  3. Nice! The body work on both flies is great. Very cool!
  4. Really nice! That first Dee is great. Like the color combo a lot.
  5. Wow! Nice work. Those Silver/Browns are beautiful. Love the colors and the wings. Sick!!
  6. Wow! Nice fly. I love the body work!
  7. The first fly is a variant of a 'Red Wing (Heron)', as found on Colin Innes’ site (http://www.feathersfliesandphantoms....itfour_44.html). The second picture is the 'original' pattern. Eide's recent fly ('Sky is the Limit') gave me the idea for the blue hackles. I'd guess it would look nice w/black, or black and white married wings. Thanks for looking.
  8. Very nice. I love the reverse wrapped french braid. That should fish well too!
  9. Nice! Those are great flies. I love the wings and their colors. Well done!
  10. Thanks, Jam. I am on my last package of Partridge hooks . . .
  11. Here is a GBS with married wings. I've tied up a bunch of these over the last few days, but I like how this one came out. It is on a #3/0 Partridge CS10/1. Thanks for looking.
  12. Those will fish, Piker20!
  13. Thanks, Davy! I appreciate the kind comments.
  14. Hi Jam: I found it on Colin Innes's website. Here is the link. You will need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the recipe. Have fun, and be sure to post some pix when you are done! Best, ISU
  15. Thanks, Jam! I'd not heard of it before either, but really liked it. The colors looked fishy to me . . . now to decide whether it will be a winter or summer fly, or both.
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