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  1. I've already went with a head/collar of red floss instead of dubbing on the red wool. I've also add a bit of brown hackle around the dubbing on the thorax to help it move better in the water. Please let us know how you change it and I might incorporate it in mine as well. -FlyTieDad
  2. Not sure yet. But I'll let you know.
  3. Thanks! I used glow in the dark latex so that it had the rib look of the Lightning bug. The body is gray rabbit and a synthetic yellow. The back is black foam. The collar/head is dubbed red wool, I'm not sure it's the best option but it works for now. - FlyTieDad
  4. Hello All, I've just come up with a new fly I thought I'd give a try tying. It's loosely based on a foam beetle. But as you can see it is uniquely suited for night fishing. Anyone see one like this before? -FlyTieDad
  5. Got a great gift in the mail from a friend today. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use this in a lifetime but I know some kids that will enjoy it with me. -FlyTieDad
  6. Hello, So as my children ran around blowing up every balloon they could find I started to wonder has anyone ever tried using latex balloons in fly tying? They come in a variety of colors and cost pennies. Yes, I know I could run down to the local fly shop and pick up several packages but for trying something new I wonder if this would work. Anyone try it? Surgical gloves? Other sources? Have a relaxing Sunday everyone. - FlyTieDad
  7. Something must be wrong with my brain. When I read this article and saw the picture all I could think about was, "Well, the wings and tail feathers look pretty good still, wonder how many flies you could get off that." Yikes! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/turkey-suv-crash-indiana_us_58dcc9dde4b0e6ac70926487?9ze4mxxtp6cg14i& FlyTieDad
  8. Just so you can see what i mean by "A lot". I really need to find a way to get rid of a bit of this. FlyTieDad
  9. A lot of chinelle‚Äč is round and fluffy but this will lay flat. Seems pretty good for smaller flies as well. Thanks for the suggestion! FlyTieDad
  10. Hello, I found myself at a thrift shop over the weekend and got a great deal on a LOT of brown and tan chenille. It's more of a flat style. Thing is, I'm not sure what to do with all of it. Any suggestions on what I could tie? I'm selling some on eBay at a reasonable cost but I sure would like to use as much of it myself. Thanks for any suggestions. FlyTieDad
  11. So it is official. I tracked down Glenn Overton, yes the real Glenn and he confirmed that the guys making the new Wonder Wax is exactly as we have heard. Overton's gear, recipe and bottles. Apparently Glenn knew the owner when he was still running around in diapers. I asked why the wax was white and he explained that it was supposed to be that way but when he was making it some of the resin he used was not bleached (the story was longer and involved a wife that scorned him). Anyway, he is a great guy and knows more about fly tying and fly fishing then I doubt I'll ever know. -FlyTieDad
  12. I found a nice old mink coat at a garage sale cheap (had some damage). After an evening with a pair of scissors I ended up with 3 1 gallon Ziploc bags full of 6x3inch strips. If anyone is interested PM me with an address and I'll send it out for shipping cost (pay me after you get it). -FlyTieDad
  13. The mystery deepens. I compiled a list of all fly shops near Hayden Idaho and starting at the top I hit on the first one. Castaway Fly Fishing Shop. I spoke with Tim and he gave the same story we've read in the posts, that they know Glen Overton and he came into their shop and gave them all his equipment, ingredients and recipe. When I questioned the color he said, "that's what happens with handmade sometimes". But he stated again that it was the same exact recipe. They sell Wonder Wax in their store for the same price as the website. He also said they would be coming out with a few of Overton's products from years ago. So there you go, now at least we know who is making it and where. -FlyTieDad
  14. I'm very suspicious of this new Wonder Wax. They sell it on eBay out of Hayden, Idaho but when I try to find a company called Blacktail Tackle in that town I come up empty. I'm temped to contact local fly shops in or near the town to see if they have heard of them. One post from them stated they got a bunch of empty tubes from Glen that were in storage from the 80s. I hate to say it but I do think they found a bunch of empty tubes but once they use them up they will be done. My reasoning is the price. Why would you make it the ridiculously high price if you wanted to come back on the market? Because they know they can sell it at that price to a few but not all. Once they use up the tubes they can run off with all the money they will make and be done. Had they wanted to actually come back to the market they would have done at a more reasonable price and slowly reintroduced themselves knowing they would get more cash flow over the long haul. Or maybe I'm completely out of my mind, it has been known to happen. I would really like to see a return address for the company so I could do more research. But until the price comes down or I see some evidence that this company is real I'll hold onto my cash. -FlyTieDad
  15. I'm trying to come up with a small soft side travel case for my 6 year olds fly tying tools. I have most of the tools already just need the case. Anything would do. I've seen some really nice "official" fly thing cases but they are way to expensive. I'm just looking for a soft case with elastic straps to hold tools. Any suggestions? Thanks, FlyTieDad
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