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  1. For Charlie's Juju Baetis he doesn't attempt to get visible segmentation in form with the hair. He uses two colors to achieve the visual segmentation in color, not in form. I have tied that pattern using what you are using and it has worked out just as in Charlie's videos.
  2. FYI, the UV Black looks purple/violet. The Peacock Black has a base color of black. I use both and they both catch fish equally well.
  3. I received the same notice from New Jersey Fish & Wildlife a couple days ago. So I think the takeaway on this should be complying with the request to destroy and sanitize. Maybe the knowledgeable folks on aquarium care can submit a better procedure for doing so.
  4. Here is a suggestion that works for me when typing a reply to a post. Before hitting the Submit Reply button, read over what you just typed and wait a minute or two to see if you really want to submit what it was you just typed. You may, like I, just not submit it, or re-phrase what it was you were trying to convey.
  5. Let me give you a little insight from a state (NJ) that went through all that a few months back. Early on during the shutdown people flocked to the parks, city, county and state. It was so badly overcrowded and people were not observing social distancing that all the parks were shut down because they were becoming the cause of the spread of COVID. When our numbers finally dropped to better levels, the parks were reopened but with limited capacity and oversight to make sure that people were not gathering in large groups. So I would suspect that is the situation with the parks in your area.
  6. If you are looking for small midge hooks, Gamakatsu has a large eye hook. https://www.gamakatsu.com/product/c12-bm-barbless-midge-large-eye/
  7. I use the stop knot and 6x or 7x for the shot dropper if I am using 4x or 5x tippet for my nymphs. If the shot hangs then the lighter tippet will break and the knot keeps the shot from sliding off.
  8. All those gimmicks to keep the bottle handy and in sight are so boring. It is much more fun to put it in a pocket that you can't remember and on cool days have it come out all gelled and stuck in the bottom of the bottle. Or, on a hot day find that you didn't put the cap on tight enough and leaking out in your vest pocket. The upside of the leaking in the pocket is that you can readily see which pocket it was hidden in by the stain.
  9. " They are there for whoever can appreciate the beauty of such things." Great video Silver, thank you for posting it.
  10. Do yourself a favor and keep the wings left/right separated when bagging. The body feathers I would leave on the skin and treat with borax, you can find the procedure by a search on this forum. Now you being from WI, I would think that you have good access to some deer hair. With the turkey wing feathers, squirrel tail and deer hair you can make one good bunch of Muddler Minnows.
  11. Look at these two, pretty interesting idea. https://www.slideinn.com/product/swinger-stacker/ https://loonoutdoors.com/products/zippy-hair-stacker
  12. Hot melt tip adhesive for me. Still have a couple sticks of it from 40+ years ago. Even keep a piece and a lighter with me while fishing for those just in case times...
  13. Make sure you save the feet, makes for some good dry fly tying.
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