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  1. Thanks for the tips. I will NOT be going back to the one at 82nd and Allisonville Rd in Indy. I went in there once and I felt like I was unwanted because I didnt have the correct clothes or didnt look like I had enough money to warrant their time. I dont aim to talk about others but I will not be back to their store. Right now I am using thread that the wife had at the house and foam from a flip-flop or two, and OHHHHH Super Glue, but I do have head cement. I am just wanting to enjoy my self and have some fun while doing it. Thanks again for the tip
  2. Thanks for all the kind words and replies. I plan on tying mostly since that is what works best around here in central Indiana. I do plan on purchasing some tools but only what I need to do the job. I know about a girl friend / wife not having the same interests that we do. I have had to deal with that for more than 20 years now. She didnt want me to get a boat and poof I got a 1983 Ranger ( that needed rebuilt) for nothing, I am still hearing about that one and I am sure that I will here about the fly tying costs as well but hey I am used to that by now. The vice that I am using currently is a toolmakers vice and something else. I will have to get pictures when I can, but it works for now. As I work and get better I will post more pictures of my progress. Thanks again for all the tips and kind words.
  3. Thanks guys, I know the photos are not the best, I took them with my cell phone. Also thanks for the tips I will be experimenting with several different things. Thanks again and good luck this year catching the big ones
  4. Hello This is the first time that I have posted and this is the first fly that I have ever tied in my life. I also made my own bobbin and I have (or will try) to post pictures of both the fly and the bobbin that I have made. After seeing the prices of flies in the stores I have decided to start tying my own. I have watched several videos to learn how to tye them the correct way (I think) at least if they catch fish then they are keepers. Thanks for looking and if you have any hints please pass them along because right now I am all ears.
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