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  1. As DrVette said, the Arkansas. Full of browns and a manageable river. I don't float it because of all the public access.
  2. I love listening to nature. It can't be beat and the sounds of nature is one of the reasons I enjoy fly fishing.
  3. I have used Rit dye for almost 30 years with great success. I have some deer hair I died brown with Rit that is 20 years old and the color is holding strong. Stored in a dark box, but it still ties well and catches fish.
  4. I really admire your work. The cork matches the reel seat. Just awsome.
  5. Great work for a first timer. Fish them, the real joy is catching your first fish on a fly you tied!!
  6. The credit card and comb, great ideas, thanks.
  7. Teimco and every once in a while a Mustad
  8. I use mostly gray with the occasional orange when fishing the Gunnison.
  9. Wow, just wow, wish I had the talent to do something like that.
  10. Like everyone is saying, slowing the stoke down helps me even when fishing fast rods. I use the downstream loading of the rod 75% of the time
  11. I will be trying this one out on the Gunnison in the next few weeks. It looks perfect for our picky trout. I am going to tie a few with a pearl bead and some more with a peacock bead.
  12. Hi Scott, Welcome to the Forum. Beautiful wood work, but I also see it as too clean. Mine is in a perpetual mess of furs and feathers.
  13. I don't think you could go wrong with the Renzetti. I have been using mine for over 25 trouble free years.
  14. I forgot, as other have said, you have got to let the fish have it's way, you can't beat a freight train!!!!
  15. I fight 4 to 5 lb trout on a regular basis. A pleasure of living in Western Colorado. My best tactic it a side motion pull, and if he goes downstream on you, you have to run to catch up. Downstream is a goner unless you run to catch up.
  16. I agree with the others. Bring it to Harelines attention. I have never had a stinking hare's mask in 30 years.
  17. keep_lookingup


    I have had good luck and long life with the Scientific Anglers lines. I have switched over to weight forward lines and have ditched all my double tapers over the years.
  18. Casting length is not very important for Rocky Mountain trout fishing. I can cast a 5 wt about 65 or 75 ft but never have to. It's presentation that counts and usually never cast over 25 or 30 ft.
  19. I tried the loop to loop for 4 or 5 years but have now gone back to the nail knot. It just seems more compact and fishing 12 & 13 foot leaders it goes through the guides better.
  20. Don't know, I have always bought tippet but sounds like a good idea. I really do believe in the advantages of fluorocarbon. I switched 7 years ago and haven't looked back. If you fish clear water over picky fish it will make a difference.
  21. Ted, Absolutely, the real stones are never as orange and bright as most patterns. I have one tied by Jack Dennis that only uses black foam and black deer hair with an orange rib that Jack swears by.
  22. Ones that are fresh off the bird are very green but they do turn bronze after a few months. In laws had peacocks.
  23. My favorite technique for blue gills is a floating line with two weighted wooly buggers that you just let sink. It takes a lot of patience, but some time during the fall you will see the leader twitch. As far as lines go I have had good luck and really good longevity with Scientific Anglers.
  24. Hey Dubbn, What other Colorado river. I'm thinking the Gunnison. I have landed some really big fish both in the Black Canyon and in the Gorge my biggest being in the 10lb range. I also landed a 10lb cut on the White in the Sleepy Cat area.
  25. I remember the mural also, it wasn't particularly well drawn but it got the point across. Who remembers the old caboose on the Roaring Fork in the Woody Creak area. It was in the movie Aspen Extreme that the two guys rented while in Aspen. I really wanted to move there in the 80's but could never get it together. Aspen was always expensive but Basalt not that bad back than.
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