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  1. Bump. I'm located in Michigan
  2. Hmm I am currently using my 5wt and my 3wt line but I do have a white factory second 4wt DT line I really don't have much use for.
  3. Hey guys. If anyone has any old fly line that they are about to dump, PM me. I'd like to take it off your hands. Not for fishing purposes so please do not think that I am going to take it and use it for fishing. I would like lines that you are going to throw away anyway or lines that hold no value to you any longer. Any size color length whatever works. Thanks a lot and I apologize if this is in the wrong section.
  4. I don't use beads only for the weight. I add lead to the shank as well as the bead. I like the way the bead looks on the nymphs, specifically darker colored beads. I think it makes the nymphs look a little cleaner/neater than with a thread head. Also, as stated, I do not like having split shot on my leader. Just a pet peeve. Thanks for the idea.. I might look into that tool. However, I actually found a really easy way to fix my problem. I used the hook-pliers in my fishing pack to grip the bead and provide more leverage on the bead. I found my fingernail couldn't provide near the grip nor the control that these could. These made it super super easy to get it around the TMC 200r equivelent hook. Thanks so much for your guys' ideas and input. Much appreciated. I am a bit new to the advanced techniques of fly tying so any input is greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks so much for your guys' help. Ill see if I can use any of these tips. Crackaig's idea seems a little to much of a hassle and I don't really understand what you are exactly saying. These hooks just seem to be a hassle in general, but the nymphs look great on them so I am still going to use them. Thanks again!!
  6. http://www.allenflyfishing.com/n201-nymph-dry-fly/ I am using this hook to tie some nymph patterns up. I have searched the TMC 200r and people have said that beads are a little tough to get one. So, what gives?! Does anyone else have experience with the N201 of Allen fly fishing co. that can help me out? I really like putting beads on my patterns so I do not need to weight my leader down with split shot, which I hate doing. I am fully capable of crimping a barb and attempting to get the bead on the hook, but I just can't seem to get the bastards on without having to bend the hook to the point of no return. I am using counter sunk beads (small hole, big hole) but I just can't seem to get them to go around the bend in these hooks. Does anyone have specific models of beads that they use with these hooks. Im stumped and spring is coming up!!
  7. Hello fellow tiers. I am a relatively new fly fisherman as well as tier (summer 2011) and I have a question for you more experienced tiers (tyers?). My first fly ever tied was an Elk Hair Caddis and I have attached the fly below. Keep in mind that that fly was literally the first fly I've ever tied so proportions arent 100%. Anyhow, what are your guy's simple go to flies. What are the most basic dry-flies and nymphs, as well as color patterns for wooly buggers? I apologize if this is redundant or has been answered before but I didn't find a good thread on it in the search bar. Please keep them relatively easy/manageable although I am pretty good at picking up the technique (I tied that fly below by watching a youtube video). Let me know whatcha got!!
  8. Sorry to have to resort to the forum, but I placed an order on Dec 4th and haven't received any kind of notification... besides the card being charged. I realize GCO isn't the oldest company in the world but what's going on? atleast have a hot line for this kind of thing.. It seems as though customers, especially the older crowd, will not be doing business again if the company charges right away but doesn't acknowledge the product shipment. If there is no phone number to call, how do you guys handle getting in touch with this company?
  9. Hey guys thanks so much for your info. I go to college at Hope which is located in Holland but I also live there. I am a new fly fisherman as well as a tier. I started this summer at Silver Creek in Idaho and I fell in love with it. I have tied some Elk Hair Caddis, some black ants, and Bully's spider (bluegill). That's just a snippet of I guess my fly fishing and I'm excited to learn from you guys!
  10. I'm anew tyer out of Holland Michigan and I'm wondering what materials are ok to use and what aren't such as fake feathers (like you would buy at michaels, craft store, etc) dubbing and such. I've looked around and many people on here say they get a lot if their materials from craft stores or dollar general etc. what do you guys think is ok to buy and use??
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