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  1. A Panfish fly in size 10 Fly Tyers Dungeon Congo hair and dubbing brush Simple dry with rubber leg body on 12 Hard to tell, but a peacock body with white wing and dun hackle in 16 reg length gold ribbed nymph with bead head dubbed nymph with case and bead head dry on a 14 with rubber leg body I always tie in groups of a dozen .... so around 11 dozen this month, should get in at least an other dozen to make it a gross. Dave Nymph with rubber leg body and peacock thorax ( did some with bead heads too ) Bass Popper ( this one is rigid foam, did another dozen in soft foam ) Seaducer
  2. I tie flies to relax, helps to clear the mind after a long day racing rats. My sons love to fish, however, we seem to use many more plastic lures than flies as that is what the Texas Bass will hit. Been out three times this season, not near enough! Dave
  3. I've been pretty impressed with FlyTyersDungeon stuff ..... some of their legs .... chartreuse and black 2 bags of the Dragon Dubbing one olive, the other orange 2 bunches of congo hair one variety of white/silver, the other bait fish green.... 1 h20 flash in pearl ( I know it's 7 things ... , but this is a desert island kit after all, still only 4 "items") Bet that comes in at under 10 bucks, and there are at least 50 flies in there if not 75. 3/0 black thread #2 streamer hooks. .....
  4. The way to do it in this day and age ( espically in a remote place ) is via You-Tube ..... Ask a bucnh of questions on this forum. If at all possible, support your local fly shop, and they will help. I learned at a club in school. Dave
  5. These are not quite the same shape, but one of the best values I have found. 25 packs, free shipping in the US. ( tax added in TX, but hey .... ) http://www.allenflyfishing.com/brass-barbell/ Got mine in, and well less than 1/2 the price for the dozen packs ..... Dave
  6. got the kit in, no root beer, but some brown, and many many packs of congo hair. Level of disappointment is ZERO! The kit rocks the baitfish world. EP style, wedding veils, TH Trophy wife .... all the stuff is around in the kit ( more or less, have some dubbing and bunny anyway ... ) Hope this tips the balance for anyone who was on the fence. Dave
  7. In the warmwater thread, I asked about synthetics, The FTD pack came, and these are some from that. And some wolly buggers, and finally a schlupin with a fish skull! Green over white/baitfish orange over white/baitfish Rabbit with Fish skull an old standard in purple
  8. Humpy renegade on a 16 .... Whiting Saddle is incredible, never used any feather like it before! Peacock Midge
  9. skull head sclupin deceiver variant Seducer .... I think?? Deceiver variant Bass Deer Hair Popper Hair Frog ( needs a bit of work on technique!) Bloody Butcher Wolly Bugger renegade
  10. A muddler A Clouser Popper Mattuka
  11. OK I'm a little slow with the camera, but a bit faster behind the vise .... As I said when I introduced myself, it's been about 20 years since the last time I tied. Knocked out about 11 dozen in April .... Zooms coming down the pike next! Dave
  12. domascuss steel! Over the top .... what brand is that? Dave
  13. Crabby ..... what sizes are these tied in? They look really "fishy" Dave
  14. just did the bait fish thing at FTD, ..... will post some ties when the stuff shows up! Thanks for the heads up. Dave
  15. As my fishing holes are more or less limited to those close to Houston Texas, my trout opportunities are limited, and since I grew up tying trout files, I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to putting together a "good" kit of synthetics to tie the current group of bait fish imitations that are making the you-tube rounds .... So, if I were to put together one big order for synthetic material, what would it be, and it what colors? Any help appreciated. Dave
  16. After reading the whole thread, I'm getting some ideas ..... Just a questions, could those of you that use roteray vices comment: Do you use the roterary options to inspects the fly, or to wrap material? Thanks; Dave
  17. I took a 30 year so break from tying, and my first fly out of the vise second time round was one of the first that I learned: wolly worm! The first one I ever tied as a 7th grader was a balck ant. Never did use that pattern, so not my favorite, but did catch tons of trout on the WW and simple variants. Dave
  18. Now that is a tricky question ..... from the time I was about 13 to the time I was 25, I tied and fished all the time, as I lived and fishe in Colorado. Then, 2nd job out of college landed me over seas on a two year contract, 15 years later, I wound up in Houston, 10 years later, my son joined Boy Scouts, and low and behold, they offer the fly fishing merit badge that actually requires him to tie a fly .... Back into the obsession again. Down here in Texas, a #16 gold ribbed hares ear is just not on for Bill Bass .... So learning new patterns and tricks to cast them. Dave
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