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  1. Sorry for not introduce myself before posting...thought i had before... My name is Joao Mota, 40 years old, living in Madeira Island, Portugal, began fly fishing last year and fly tying...last week... Hope to learn some of the basics that allow me to tie my own flies. With time i hope to be any help too...eheheh Best regards, jmota
  2. Hi all! Here are my first flies, can you please comment my mistakes on them? All with uni thread 8/0, nynph hooks #12 and the f-fly #12 dry fly hook My first PTN The first eight are mine PTN's Beaded HareĀ“s Ear, below an attempt of Sawyer PTN...not quite right...eheheh f-fly PTN Thank you all!
  3. Hi all! I'm another absolut beginer in the flytying scene, i've start flyfishing for rainbows a few months ago in Madeira mountain streams a just love the game. I'm thinking to start flyfish for saltwater species too, like atlantic barracudas, small amberjacks, bluefish, and more small game like white sea bream and wrasse... Hope to get here some help to start flytying and share the results after All the best, jmota
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