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  1. I have NO issue with your comments because you write how you live. I take issue with people who think it is too expensive but they have all Sage rods and Hatch reels. Actually I respect and admire you for keeping what should be a simple pass time just that a simple pass time. That is not my nature with anything I do so I am a bit envious. I also design and fly RC sailplanes and even there I constantly push the envelope. You misunderstood the point. Personally, I do not spend near the money you listed. I realize that in the world of fly fishing I am in the minority. My point was that the majority of FF would not bat an eye at spending 12.00 bucks each for a chest pack full of furled leaders therefore they will have no desire or motivation to make one themselves. Leaders will never have the grandeur and mystique of a beautifully tied fly so the comparison to fly tying is a reach. Now cheapos like me don't want to spend 5 dollars for a tapered mono leader so I furl my own since I can't extrude my own tapered mono leaders. Perhaps your right, I have been wrong many times in my life and I am to scared to risk my money on an invention. My hats off to you for taking a risk. I'm just offering an opinion, an opinion from somebody that happens to be the exact demographic you will be marketing your system to. A picture of the system would certainly help.
  2. Are you sure its oak? It really does not look like oak to me from what I can tell. The burl is throwing me. Are you sure that's not mahogany. It does not look like its been stained and the burl looks more like what you would see in mahagony.
  3. Contrary to popular opinion traffic enforcement (tickets, DUI arrests) are not revenue makers. They are revenue takers. Costs to prosecute Dui's are very high. To pay the police, the hospital, the labs, the lawyers, the probation department, and possibly prison and rehab staff, costs 10 times more then any fine mentioned. For traffic tickets, In pa the state takes half of the fine while the local town takes the other half. By the way that 200 dollar ticket you received only has a 35.00 fine. The rest are fees to pay the court workers, to cover uninsured motorists and other Fees to pay for various other programs. so the municipality is making a whopping $17.50 per ticket. In pa there is a point system so 3/4 of those ticketed ask for a hearing. The cop is making 30 to 40 bucks an hour to attend this hearing, assuming he is not off and at court on overtime with a minimum 2 or 3 hours OT for a local court hearing. Every ticket written costs the municipality. I always get a kick out of those who believe cops are writing tickets to generate revenue for the municipality. Most cops hate the politicians so they are not writing tickets for the politicians revenue stream. If politicians ever told cops to write more tickets to generate more revenue it would result in far less tickets written. Tickets cost money but its a necessary evil to prevent injuries, fatalities, and property damage to the public. Breath tests are a thing of the past and have been abandoned by most areas in PA with the possible exception of very rural counties. Breath tests do not detect drugs and are the least accurate test for alcohol because the results are based on scientific computations. Breath tests measures the amount of alcohol that is being expelled from the body. This amount is esstrapelated out to what amounts to a good guess as to the amount of alcohol that is actually in the blood. Blood tests are the preferred method since it measures very accurately the amount of drugs and alcohol actually in the blood.
  4. A couple things here. First stretch over a 5 to 7' foot leader is so little that it amounts to nothing. Line Stretch comes into play when you have a lot of line out. Second I have made furled braid (not power pro) leaders and found them to be way to stiff. For native brookies i don't think they are an option. I also experimented with uni thread furled leaders with a mono core. Possibly a uni-thread leader with a braid core is a better option. I was not a fan of a mono core because of stiffness but a braid core might just be the ticket. This is the fun of furling your own. I have been furling leaders for a few or more years. I started because furled leaders are way to expensive to buy and experiment with. i am a true believer in that a proper furled leader for each individual can only be acquired by making them yourself for yourself. I made my own "system" after not being able to find a viable furling machine option, nor clear instruction, on the open market. The ones I found, like the one you linked to were way way to expensive. I ended up cobbling my "system" together out of stuff already lying around my shop for damn near zero cost. That's your competition not the guy selling a dozen machines a year for 200 dollars. Most people who make their own leaders have a DIY attitude To begin with so making a furling machine is not an overly involved task. Others involved in fly fishing won't blink an eye at spending 8 to 12 bucks for a leader so they will have no interest in furling their own. You will be dealing with a very very small market unless you can on convince people to try it. That means its gonna have to be cheap. That being said take this constructive criticism as you like. It is meant to be helpful not hurtful. I also believe you will have to bring the price point down below 50 bucks to have a chance. Keep in mind that you may sell a few at 150 but your not going to sell many. I would concentrate on the furling machine only, powered by a drill since everybody already owns a drill. Another thing That is a red flag to me is when somebody wants to sell me a "system." Remember the banjo minnow and pocket fishermen? Systems scream scam to me. Selling the furling machine with clear instructions on how to build a board and make a leader will work better then trying To sell a "system", in my ever so humble opinion. I think you can make this work but it begins an ends at price.
  5. That is a very nice roll top. Roll tops are a dime a dozen but rarely do you see a used one with burl insets in that condition. I would have thought a congresswomen would have used it more. It looks to be in perfect condition. Nice find for a decent price.
  6. Well after "several minutes" under the light to cure indicates there is a problem with the light. How much tack you talking. I have no allegence to any particular resin but currently i use CCG. It dries tacky but not so tacky to cause me any concern.
  7. If you have a bottle of sally Hansens long enough to thicken you need to tie more flys. For 3 bucks a bottle just replace it.
  8. Red bull and twizzlers and 800 miles of road.
  9. I wish you the best. I'm curious about the price point and what the "system" and tools are comprised of.
  10. BAM!!!!!! They are so infinitely adjustable that anybody who does not like them simply did not have the right one for them and unfortunately they are so expensive that cost does not allow heavy experimentation. I think the first person that develops an industrial machine to crank out furled leaders will make a killing. 12 bucks for .75 worth of thread is a sale killer.
  11. They look great. I like to run them under warm water under the sink faucet when I want to see what they look like wet. They will take thier shape. Hang to drip dry and they will maintain the shape. Or you can just wait to fish them.
  12. Cold, I'm sorry if I came off in the way you think I did. I'm not upset at all. Please do not mistake passion for anger.
  13. They are unquestionably a personal preference. I agree they are at thier finest for dry flys. Im not buying the idea that a little trout is stretching a furled leader thereby dampening detection by any measurable amount. I like furled leaders for nymphing in say 3 or less feet of water. When i am nymphing im relatively close to the fly further negating factors surrounding line stretch. Line stretch is a factor when you have a hundred yards out. A 5 to 7 foot furled leader has no appreciable stretch just as 5 to 7 foot of mono has no appreciable stretch.
  14. Cold, in PA the chief public defender decides. If you don't like his/her decision the courts (a judge) decides. Not all Living expenses count because as I said numerous times you do not need a super duty, HBO, iPhone, sage rods and a host of other things we spend our money on. Heating your house would count as would feeding yourself and your family. Get it out of your head that we are entitled to an attorney. We are not. INDIGENTS and only INDIGENTS are. There is not a secret formula used to decide if you are INDIGENT. It's very easy to determine this and it is not rocket science or Brain surgery. Income vs expenses for your basic needs. Simple.
  15. Mike it sounds like you successfully negotiated a plea for yourself. Don't forget there is a thing called judicial economy. The prosecutor is spending taxpayer money. He has a budget and limited resources such as manpower. Most are forced to negotiate deals for petty stuff because it would cost far more to prosecute you then the case is worth. As a taxpayer I appreciate not wasting money on say public drunks and would rather save as much of my resources as possible to launch burglers, robbers, rapists and murders. It has nothing to do with paying your way out of anything and more to do with the DA applying resources where the law abiding taxing paying public garners the most protection possible from the criminal element of society. Cold, I'm not really sure what evidence your looking for. You will have to take my good word that I am not a criminal. As for who qualifies for court appointed counsel, its not difficult to understand and is very simple to determine. First you have to know the constitution guarantees this for indigent people. Or another of saying it is people who are beggars, penniless, derelict, destitute or poverty stricken. Now, in keeping with the fly fishing theme of this forum, lets say you own 12 sage rods paired with top shelf orvis reels, two tweed jackets and the finest tweed hat collection on your side of the mississippi. In your driveway you have an F250 super duty with an accompanying 600 dollar a month loan payment and 100 dollar monthly insurance nut. Not to mention the Nissan murano your wife drives. You have a 300G house but still owe 50 G's on it that your paying 2 G's a month on. Your cell phone plan costs 250 a month and your cable bill is another 200 a month. That's 3250 a month in expenses but, after taxes, you only make 3300 a month so how can you afford an attorney. It's very simple since the constitution does not guarantee you an F250, a big house, iPhones, and HBO. You sell your F250 and use the 700 monthly savings to pay your monthly attorney nut. You can sell your house and move into an apartment. Or you keep your super duty and represent yourself. Like I said before if you have a cell phone bill and a cable bill you can pay for your own attorney. Now you may not be able to pay for all three so you have a choice to make. This choice is not the definition of indigent. Now lets say you live in a flop house where you rent a single room for 100 dollars a week, you have 5 kids with 4 different fathers two of whom are in jail themselves, the third died from an overdose and nobody knows where the forth is. You collect welfare and WIC for the 2 kids who live with you, you have no job or income with no explanation how you can pay for beer, cigerettes or your IPhone. You then qualify for a court appointed attorney because you are truly destitute and penniless, otherwise defined as indigent.
  16. That's all very nice, but do you have any actual source for this position? If so, how is it determined? Mike I would really like to hear the circumstances around these. Of course I understand your right to remain silent since you very well may have been part and parcel to a crime if this truly occurred and I perfectly understand you no wanting to share this information. I believe it's more likely that you are incorrectly interpreting what actually happened. You cannot buy your way out of jail or probation. My source is 32 years in the business but not as an attorney or judge. My position is rooted in the the 6th amendment which mandates legal representation for INDIGENT people. The public defenders office carries out this mandate. You make application with them. If denied you can appeal by filling out a form through the clerk of courts office. The courts will review the filing and determine if you are INDIGENT or if you just don't want to pay. You will be required to show proof of income, investments, assets owned (like a house) as well as anything that may support a position that it would be a hardship to hire an attorney. The fact that you may have a 200 dollar family cell phone plan, a 300 dollar monthly cable bill is damn near proof enough that you can afford an attorney. Defense attorneys will and do set up payment plans. The key is the term INDIGENT. Unwillingness to pay is not protected under the 6th amendment. I will also add that I have been a law abiding productive member of society my entire life as has been every member of my vast and extensive family. I am not ashamed to say that i respect and love the police, district attorneys and hanging judges. i don't mind defense attorneys either but i absolutely despise criminals. Do people really expect the law abiding to pay for the attorneys of those who commit crimes against us when that person has the ability to pay for his own defense?
  17. The advice given here is way off base and mostly incorrect. Some are talking civil law as if its criminal law. Family court and divorce is not criminal law it's civil law. Two completely and separate codes of law and they do not cross each other. Each state is wildly different in their application of criminal law as well. What happens in jersey is far different then pa. You can get court appointed lawyers if you can't afford an attorney not because you don't want to pay for it. As a taxpayer I am not responsible to pay your criminal defense attorney so you can have money for an iPhone, cable tv, fishing gear and steak dinners. You may have to prioritize your life and figure what is more important to you, your freedom or your sage. You cannot simply say I want a lawyer and you will get one. Millionaires are not entitled to court appointed attorneys. Yes the man can screw you without an attorney. If it were that simple to stay out of jail why would anybody hire an attorney. If you do not qualify for a public defender and you are told to come with an attorney and you don't, prepare to defend yourself with a court appointed attorney assigned only to explain the laws to you as you go about representing yourself. Or prepare to pay for that court appointed attorney anyway through something called court costs. Taxpayers are not compelled to pay or your attorney. You are and you will pay one way or the other as it should be. The notion that a DA will set a price to make things go away is absolutely ridiculous. No way no how. Defense attorneys do not plead everything. Most defense attorneys know their clients are lying to them. Most know their clients did the crime and most can weigh the evidence against them and know if their client will be convicted in trial where they will then be launched. A good defense attorney truly advocating for their client would be negligent if he did not negotiate a lighter sentence if he could. Better to do 2 years in the county pokey rather then 5 years in the states big house. If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney I would recommend hiring one if you do not qualify for a PD. Cancel your trip to Disney, give up smoking, drinking, chasing women and get a metro pcs pre-paid phone. Glad to hear your not in trouble because the advice given here is horrible. For the record my use of the term you is not specific to you. It's used generally for anybody who may find themselves in the market for a defense attorney.
  18. I must admit that I really don't know what it means to subscribe to a youtube channel or even what a youtube channel is so I don't subscribe to anything on youtube. So when I watched your video it doesnt come up as a view because I don't subscribe? What does subscribing actually do for the viewer? I'm always up to learn about all this new fangled Internet stuff.
  19. The video was great! I like nice short videos that clearly get to the point. I hate long videos where the host wants to give me a history lesson on the fly, a component, or whatever. I also hate the no talking blaring metal music hold the component package to the camera videos as well. Clear and to the point instruction with close up, in focus, with a back drop video. Great video! Not a fan of the subscribe for more stuff.
  20. I'm not sure why the tackiness bothers anybody. A quick wipe with an alcohol pad takes care of that. Most times I don't bother since the tackiness really doesn't stick to anything. Is it possible that everybody is using different lights made for different products or cheaper lights from China. In other words are you using a loon light to cure CCG resin or what ever other combos you can come up with. It's my understanding that different resins have different light wavelength requirements for curing. Meaning the light for loon may not be optimum for CCG or solarez or whatever. I really don't find tackiness to be a problem and wonder if there are different levels of tackiness because of different light wavelengths being used to cure the resin.
  21. Bingo bango. Everything in fly fishing and fly ting is over-thought and over-analyzed. Get any of them. They all work just fine.
  22. Poopdeck


    Slide a Clevis on the the line ahead of the wooley bugger and put the blade on the Clevis. Like a walleye spinner rig. You can get the blades at any one of a thousand Internet sites or cabelas and BPS. In fact I just received an order today from cabelas with willow leaf blades and hooks to make my spring shad flutter spoons.
  23. Okay I'm going to miss on all cylinders but hiking, trout fishing, and fly rod screams arizona to me. Oak creek in Sedona comes to mind only because I'm going there in April. No brook trout but browns and rainbows.
  24. There are only so many ways to dress a hook. Personally, I really do not strictly adhere to any pattern and I find myself substituting materials with stuff I have on hand. Am I creating a new fly? Nope just coming close to something that's already out there.
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