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  1. There is a lot of different rivers to hit in that area. The Madison is a great start with a lot of river to cover. Yellowstone Park should be fishing very well by the time you get there of the weather cools down. Cool weather might open the Firehole and Madison rivers inside of the park. The Gallatin is a great option and a nice little river with plenty of hatches to keep you interested and access that invites anglers(it can be crowded). Hebgen Lake might be an option if the area is too hot to fish anything but the Gallatin. The fish in Hebgen get big but the afternoons are windy. My tip would be to hire a guide. Arrick's is a good fly shop and so is Blue Ribbon Flies. I've never been to Slide Inn(Gallop's shop) so I cannot comment on them.
  2. Yep, double wooly bugger with weighted eyes on the front. It will give the fly a jigging motion.
  3. I like Marks point about the weighting. I usually carry a sink tip for streamer fishing if I am not fishing tiny brooks. Otherwise, I would have several varieties of weight to suit certain water flows and depths.
  4. Spring creeks in SW Wisconsin Ah, well then I would be changing my mind about the articulated streamers then On the spring creeks in Missouri, I typically fish a muddler minnow, marabou muddler or a thunder creek. With the Muddler(whether marabou or not) I would keep in mind that weight can be an important issue. I usually carry an unweighted, weighted and cone head variety when streamer fishing and carry sizes 4-10 in various colors. A lot of people swear by the wooly bugger, but I have had minimal success with buggers when I compare it to any of the other streamers. Zonkers work well. Additionally, I have tied size 6 cracklebacks for my friends, and they have reported success on wild trout streams and stocked streams alike. Good luck, learning is 90% of the fun in my opinion.
  5. I like articulated streamers. Circus Peanut, Sex Dungeon and a Heifer Groomer are 3 streamers I always have in my box. They provide good action and cover the water column effectively as each has a different sink rate. What type of water are you fishing?
  6. Experienced this hatch two years ago. We call if the periodic cicada over in Missouri. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Mine were pretty simplistic. Size 8-10 on a Teimco 8-10 200R with an orange belly and a black foam backing and a krystal flash wing. Rock on, tight lines.
  7. Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate the input.
  8. I've been tying for 7 years on an Apex Anvil Vise and I am now looking for an upgrade. I have a budget at about 200, but I could push it to 250. Needs to be a rotary vise. I was looking at the Renzetti Cam Traveler Vise, Wolff's Indiana Atlas Vise, Griffin Montana Mongoose and the Peak Rotary. I tie everything from Midges to large streamers. I appreciate any input or experiences with these vises. Sam
  9. I would wonder why you are worried about casting distance. I cast my 5wt around 60-75 feet, but I catch 95% of my fish at around 30 -40 feet. Worry about accuracy and practice, distance will come with experience.
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