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  1. That was about the only good neck for long time, and they were easy to come by. Have tied thousands of drys with Metz. When Whiting came around the feathers were so much better for hackle, it was an easy decision to switch. They are longer, so there is less taper to give a more uniform hackle look. I also think that they don't have the tendency to twist as bad in my opinion. I still use Metz for most everything else.
  2. I haven't used a whole lot of foam, is this a time consuming fly?
  3. VMC is a very popular hook with hardware fisherman, they make all sorts of hooks but were more known for there treble hooks. They were the first to make short shank wide gape trebles. I have several boxes of dry, and wet fly VMC hooks, and they have worked well. Not as brittle as Timco, or Diachi, and sharper than Mustad.
  4. What ??? They actually kill the birds? I thought that they just took the skin off.
  5. Yes the long lost tool indeed. There seems to be some sort of gadget to almost every thing. Whip finishers, fly threaders, dubbing spinners of all kinds, goo's , goop's, and all sorts of hardware. Really...
  6. The good thing about the live trap, is that once you have trapped the critter, just cut off what you need and then let it go..
  7. About 23 years , I took a class back in 1980. Learned to tie with a world class tyer, (He was just a tyer he did not fish) , I did not even have a fly rod of my own at the time. I started tying the classic flys , Adams, Coachman , Hare's Ear, Zug Bugs, Helgramites, Mosquito, and learned to spin hair on an Irrestible, and Muddelers. I learned to fly fish not long after that. I quickly learned that I needed bigger flys for the bass and sunfish, we routinely fished for. The smaller flys were fun to tye, but were swallowed by the sunfish. With lots of cutting hair off of hooks , discovered bass bugs. I've been hooked ever sense.
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