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  1. Hey everyone, got caught up traveling over the weekend. Last set of flies came in on Friday. I am hoping to get them in the mail tomorrow or Thursday.
  2. Zip - flies arrived safe today. No idea what went wrong on the first try.
  3. Got zfetcko's flies today. Zap, did they give you an estimated delivery date?
  4. Got yours, atxdiscgolfer. Zip - If they delivered them I have no clue where they delivered them to. I even went next door to the house that is for sale and checked their mail. I'll check with a couple other neighbors to see if they have them. Pretty frustrating they can't tell us where they went.
  5. Nothing came in over the weekend. Hoping today some crabs find their way to TN.
  6. Nothing yet. Our mail comes late in the day here, so hopefully this afternoon they will be there.
  7. Got flies in from Li'lDave and SaltyBum. Will update the front page in a bit.
  8. Alright, the swap is officially closed. Everyone needs to tie 6 flies. I'll go ahead an send you all my address now. Looking forward to seeing all of them.
  9. Salty, the due date is June 19th. You in?
  10. Surely we can get 3 more people in this for a total of 6. Li'lDave, we can work out return shipping if you're interested in being in.
  11. For a bare essential materials kit for trout, I would tend towards Piker's list. Give me 1x or 2x hooks from 10 - 20, pheasant tails, peacock eyes, copper wire, appropriate sized brass beads, red thread, and throw in a partridge skin. That covers what I'd need to tie flies to catch trout just about anywhere.
  12. Looking good, zip. I'll get the list updated in a bit.
  13. I was thinking 7 flies for 7 people. (6 others + me)
  14. It looks like it has been almost a year since the last one of these. Let's do another crab swap. Any crab pattern you want. This swap is for all experience levels, so feel free to get in even if you feel like you aren't an expert. General swap rules apply. You must toe tag, send in a crush proof box, and include a pre-paid return envelope or money for return shipping. Taking at least 6 tiers but will leave this open until 24 May 2017 to see if we get more. Swap is Closed Due date will be 19 June 2017 1, SM - jd1983 - kung fu crab 2. atxdiscgolfer 3. zip - gangster crab variant 4. Li'lDave 5. zfetcko 6. SaltyBum
  15. So it's safe to assume there are some good fresh water options if I decide to head inland?
  16. Same water problem here in northeast TN last week. They ran the Watauga, which usually runs at 1,600 - 1,700 cfs when generating, at 2,900 cfs for almost a straight week. They held so much back to keep everything safe downstream and just had to let it go to get the lake level down. Hoping they'll put out some wadeable flows again in the next few days.
  17. The family is headed to Daytona Beach in mid-July and I'd like to get a morning or two of fly fishing in. I'm already reading the book on wade fishing Mosquito Lagoon. How is the water there at that time? Good chance at reds and sea trout at that time? Fly patterns you love? Other general areas to consider? Feel free to send me a PM if you don't want to post publicly.
  18. Due to TN's laws, we won't be able to hold a raffle until 2018 but it might be worth hanging on to it until then.
  19. Thank you all for the responses and the accurate evaluation. I think I may have been trying to stretch this into something it wasn't. It sounds like it'll be a better giveaway item than looking to sell it. In looking at the back, it is most likely a Metz neck from who knows when. Maybe later I will post some photos of the Wheatley 1609 that came with this stuff as well. No making a mistake on what that is. I believe that will be a harder decision on what to do with it than this cape.
  20. Alright, I know there are obvious answers like, "What someone will pay," and the silly answers like, "I'll give you $5," but I'd love some help getting a ballpark number. Our local TU chapter was given a large donation of tying materials and this essentially unused cree cape was included. The smaller feathers are easily going to be in the size 20s but might be more dark barred ginger than cree. We don't know anything about the cape and it doesn't have any markings on it but it looks to be in good condition and a good quality. We are trying to decide what to do with it, either sell it or use it as a prize for the membership. What type of price would you put on something like this? Thanks for the help.
  21. That is incredible. Like I said, we can't even get close to your break even number of teams. We will see. It might not be worth pursuing.
  22. Yes, you have to acquire a special use permit and meet a number of stipulations to host this type of event in the park.
  23. Thanks for the replies so far. PD - how much do you end up raising in that format? How many teams are allowed to compete? We will be lucky to have spots for 15 teams in the park and we will never grow past that point. It just isn't logistically possible. I probably should have included a few more details so it doesn't sound likes participants get nothing. They'll be getting breakfast, lunch, and a banquet dinner. Probably a free t-shirt. The big concern is that if we give prizes to winners they may lose the ability to deduct the fee from their taxes. Maybe that isn't as big of a deal to people though.
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