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  1. Thanks for the welcome and the tips. I have started to tie some flies (streamers) and I'll post here soon. Thank you!
  2. Thanks guys, - I’m looking forward to learn, tie and post some pictures of my flies here. - If there is not much information about flies for peacock bass, I want to collaborate. - I believe these bunny leech can produce good flies for Peacock Bass and Golden Dorados. In black these fly going to imitate a prey well known as tuvira.
  3. Hello to everyone! let me introduce myself. - My name is Vitor Hugo Miro and I live in Fortaleza/Brazil. I started to fly fishing a year ago, but I am a complete beginner in the art of fly tying. Recently, I bought a rotary vise, I believe it was a good investment. Currently, I’m buying various materials, but without much guidance. I intend to tie streamers for snooks and peacok bass. I hope to learn a lot here and to cooperate with you to exchange knowledge. Hugs. P.S: Perhaps, I apologize for my English, but I still do not have a lot of practice beyond reading.
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