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  1. Also give Microsoft OneNote a try. I think now it is free and pc or mac version, and also tables.
  2. Thank you, that's the site I was on, but thought there could be more information available.
  3. I haven't heard much about it and the southeastfff.org website doesn't provide much info as well. Do you have any other website with more information?
  4. It's not my site, but I come here every day. If it helps fight spam and hackers, I'm all for it. I kind of like the new look personally. It all takes time to iron out new changes, we'll look back in a short while and say, "what change". Thanks for this site Smalliehunter.
  5. I plan to attend if I can rid of this stinking flue. Finally able to keep food down. Much healing to do yet first.
  6. Thanks everyone, now let's go eat some turkey!! :headbang:
  7. Just wanted to wish everyone here Happy Thanksgiving. I for one am thankful for so much, but at the top is my wife is recovering very well from her foot surgery and my daughter blessed us with a new granddaughter this past Monday night at 9:15. Thank you Lord.
  8. Sorry guys, I didn't get to go this year. Wifey had foot surgery and I have been playing house nurse. She has had other surgeries and things, but this time it is really tiring me out. I am sure I have seen most everyone there over the years but I really wanted to meet, face to face, as many from this site as I could. Always January show and next year. :headbang:
  9. Any one here receive the May 2009 issue of Gray's yet? If so, is the photographic journal article the Susquehanna River? Thanks, DeerhairTom
  10. Cruncher, go to the "our work" link at the top of the welcome page. That will open up a page with 8 different project links. Hope this helps. DeerhairTom
  11. Harold, copy and paste the website listed, but remove the space before the j. Your father's work is top notch Charlie. DeerhairTom
  12. Gotta love the english language. Why isn't tier pronounced as pier? Yep, I know, there are others as well. DeerhairTom
  13. I too use tyer because I think it looks better, to me. I like the more old school or british english feel. But my business cards have the Tier and Tyer crossed out and I use "Bug Builder". Just to be different. Plus there was a group of us tyers in the eastern council FFF back in the early-mid 80's, that tyed a lot together. Sports shows, council claves/events, any event usually, just an excuse to tye together. Someone came up with the idea of a pin for us and had them made and numbered every year. I have relinquished my pin number over the years so I have no idea if they are still making these or not. I did see John P, the fearless leader at Somerset last year, but he was busy and I forgot to get back with him. DeerhairTom
  14. Very nice. Keep that team together until I get done with my draft of the Muddlers and we have a game. :hyst: It'll take me quite a while as I am still trying to locate different color turkey rounds. Maybe before the start of the season, the NFL season that is. DeerhairTom
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