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  1. Dear niti-1, Aren't you the new guy from Bellefonte PA? If I were in your shoes I'd go to Flyfisher's Paradise for materials. In my mind there is nothing like seeing and handling what you are going to buy to make sure you are getting the exact shade and texture of material that you are looking to buy. Mail-order works best when you are buying something common that you know will be the same regardless of where you buy it like thread, floss, chenille, etc. If you are going to go the mail-order route check out Hook and Hackle and subscribe to the their flyers and do the same for J Stockard. Both of them send out coupons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and you can save some money if you wait to order when the material you want is on sale. That doesn't do you much good if you need it now, but overall you can save some money. Regards, Tim Murphy
  2. Dear niti-1, Welcome from someone that just joined this forum on Saturday May 11th but who has been fly fishing and fly tying seriously since I attended PSU in the late 70's and early 80's. If you want to get started with the fly tying I'd suggest you visit Flyfisher's Paradise located on Rte 26 behind the Long John Silvers in the shopping plaza on the hill. Steve Sywensky, the owner, got me started with fly tying and fly fishing for trout back when I was in college. Just ask him for the materials needed to tie muskrat nymphs, Gold ribbed hare's ear nymphs, and white and black marabou streamers. Those 4 flies will get you fish 12 months out of the year on Spring Creek. Good luck and I hope you enjoy learning fly fishing and fly tying. Regards, Tim Murphy
  3. Dear Flytire, Yes, those are exactly what I was looking for. I think the Allen eyes will be a suitable substitute, at least for the price. Regards, Tim Murphy
  4. Dear Michael and Dave, Michael thanks for identifying them and providing a potential source. I knew I had purchased them sometime between 1995-2000 so I sort of expected that they might not be available any longer. Dave thanks for providing the lead on the brass eyes from Allen Fly Fishing. I was aware of Allen as a seller of rods and reels but I had never looked to them for fly tying materials. I'll definitely be purchasing 100 or so eyes from them because their price is less than half the price of most other sources. At the rate I hang flies on rocks and root balls and overhanging limbs I'll need to make a bulk order! Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Regards, Tim Murphy
  5. Dear bad fish, Except all I did was lash them to the hook with figure 8 wraps. While the eyeball end is most definitely plastic there was no assembly required. If I can't find them I'll probably just use lead eyes a size or two smaller. I hate when good stuff goes away, only to be replaced by far more expensive stuff that isn't halfway near as good, which seems to be the case here. Regards, Tim Murphy :-)
  6. Dear Board, Since I already posted a question asking for help to find some old style hourglass eyes it seems kind of odd to make my second post an introduction but here goes. I live in the Harrisburg area and have been fly fishing and fly tying to one degree or another for almost 35 years. I tend to run in spells where I'll fly fish almost exclusively for a period of time and then I tire of it and revert back to gear chucking. Part of the issue is I don't have a reliable fly fishing partner in the local area. If anyone wants to get together and do some fishing I'm game. I enjoy fly fishing for smallmouth bass best but I also fish for trout and various other warm water species with the fly rod. I tie flies for myself to use or to give away but I still buy a few from time to time because my eyesight isn't what it used to be and smaller stuff gets to aggravating anymore. Regards, Tim Murphy ;-)
  7. Dear tidewater, I think they might be pewter. They have some weight to them but not much. I'll find them in some fly shop somewhere on the bargain rack I'm sure. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Regards, Tim Murphy :-)
  8. Dear Board, While I am sure both of the suggestions above will work neither of them are even remotely close in shape to the eyes I had been using. If you are old enough to remember what an egg timer is the eyes look exactly like an egg timer with the caps that it stands on removed from the ends. When compared to an equivalent diameter metal eye they weigh very little and the same sized eye made of metal weighs between 1/24 and 1/30 ounce. I am looking for eyes that don't weigh much at all, and brass or any other metal eye won't meet that requirement. That fly is on a 2/0 Mustad 3366 hook, and it slowly sinks just like a Senko worm that the gear fishermen use. I fish it up and across the current and just let it slowly sink and flutter with the current. Fish inhale the fly without me having to impart any action at all, I merely have to watch the line for signs of a take. I wish I had saved the bags they came in instead of dumping them all into a compartment box with my lead and brass eyes. Regards, Tim Murphy :-)
  9. Dear Board, New member here who is already asking for help with his first post. I am looking for dumbbell eyes to use with smallmouth bass flies. I had a bunch of the particular type I am looking for but just used the last set. They are not lead or brass and may not even be metal. The have a hard plastic eye on either end and chrome like dumbbell section. They were common years ago but I am having trouble finding them anymore. Here is a picture of a fly tied with the eyes I am talking about if that helps anyone to identify them and provide a source for new ones. Regards, Tim Murphy Harrisburg, PA
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