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  1. Quick tip when fishing a Super Duper for trout. Let it sink, then reel slow! Give it a try!
  2. Let's Talk Fly Fishing - Blue River Oklahoma Recap - Average Joe's Live Broadcast @COAFFieldTeam This round I recap Sunday's fishing trip to the Blue River in Oklahoma - specifically, 1. Fishing flies I used 2. Exploring the area north of Hughes Crossing 3. What worked and what did not work 4. And, what I would do next round Do checkout the livestream, and do checkback for more Livestreams from the Team!
  3. More fun fishing the Blue River in Oklahoma this past Sunday. Morning started out below freezing and overall the trout bite slowed for some of us. But, I did manage to limit out with three trout. I did see some nice size ones moving about but no takers for yours truly. Also, did more exploring of the area north of Hughes Crossing and checked out "The Boulders" per Zach Flatt's recommendation - see his website at https://flattoutfishing.com/ for more details. Overall, it was a nice "chill" or maybe "chillier" day but it was sure lots of fun. Do check out the video. Also, will plan a livestream to step through the video and possibly answer any questions about the trip.
  4. Here is a simple but effective pattern for trout. Works well fished under a strike indicator but your's truly likes to fish it as a trailing fly on a tandem rig setup!
  5. What Do I Need To Fly Fish? Let's Talk Fly Fishing - COAF Field Team Average Joe's Live Broadcast This round we talk about fly fishing from an Average Joe's point of view. Do checkout the livestream, and do checkback for more Livestreams from the Team!
  6. This round's discussion is ultralight baitcasting aka Bait Finesse Systems Fishing for Trout this Stocking Season!
  7. No fishing this weekend... but can at least talk about fishing!
  8. Caught this one in Oklahoma a few months back; snowed there yesterday. Hope to hook into a nice size trout this Season!
  9. Trying out a new format to provide impromptu fishing updates and other happenings from the Field Team. Thanks for stopping by!
  10. Fun with Spreadsheets | Texas Parks and Wildlife Winter Trout Stocking Schedule for 2022-2023 Another year has passed and another Winter trout stocking season is upon us. And, like in past seasons, yours truly modified the schedule posted by TPWD to sort by Stocking Date and the count of trout stockings planned for a location and its estimated trout to be stocked. Makes for ease of reference by allowing Readers to quickly see when the next trout stocking is planned. As changes are unexpected for various reasons like weather, do check for updates, changes, and corrections at TPWD’s website – 2022-2023 TPWD Trout Stocking Schedule.
  11. Brief video of a tasty trout recipe that is simple but surprisingly tasty. Easy preparation. Give it a try! See more about the recipe.
  12. This round I decided to mix things up and forego the low water crossing. Instead, I walked the area north of the crossing and explored the area. Learned a few things and even limited out on Trout! Great times fishing a river! PS: See the map referenced in the video at our blog post: Try Walking the Blue River Next Fishing Trip
  13. Great time on the Blue River again; did manage to limit out, too. Video in the works for the trip. More to come.
  14. Here is another simple but effective pattern to keep in your fly box this trout stocking season. Only need a dust mop and dubbing material, add a jig fly hook, and tie the material on... and you are ready!
  15. Here is the fishing fly that produced for us recently on the Blue River in Oklahoma. Tried various fishing flies before settling on the Near Deere. Trout were taking both olive and white with the key factor being the presentation and retrieve - short pull retrieves! Do give it a try!
  16. follow up on an earlier video in case you missed it. The retrieve that worked consistently while fly fishing for trout on the Blue River in Oklahoma! Do give it a try... no strike indicator, short pull retrieve, set the hook at any indication of a strike... line hesitates, twitches, or pulls or the fly disappears,... #fishing #flyfishing #blueriver
  17. Decided to fish the Blue River Saturday on short notice. Plan was to go next weekend, but not sure how work and play will conflict in the next few weeks. Saw an opening for Saturday, so went for it. Tied a number of fishing flies Friday night after work. Mainly tied Near Deere, Pat's Rubber Legs, and Mop Flies with plan to tie more GRHEN, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, and Muddler Minnows at a future date. Was worried that the heavy rain on Friday into Saturday morning would make the river murky and fast flowing. Luckily, the river stayed clear and the current was not heavy... actually seemed slow. Caught a number of trout releasing all but three. Lost a lot more as my mojo was off. No worries, was a great start tot eh 2022 - 2023 Trout Stocking Season.
  18. First limit of the 2022-2023 trout stocking season on the Blue River in Oklahoma for the Team!
  19. Hanging out at the Gruene River Inn on the banks of the Guadalupe. Fun weekend of great live music, various adult beverages, and tasty foods. Even better, got to breakaway and get a round of fishing in!
  20. Bass Weight Estimator Catch and releasing Bass but want to estimate the fishes weight? Try the Bass Weight Estimator, measuring the length of a Bass to the nearest 1/8"!
  21. Episode 25 in the "Little Red Book of Fly Fishing" podcast series where I review fly fishing tips. New format and a supporting infographic that shows key items for each tip! #fishing #flyfishing #podcasts
  22. Decided to tie a Wooley Bugger to my @GoFish Cam several seasons back, and then "troll" it in a shallow side creek to the main channel of the Blue River. Was surprised how many trout were in the less than knee deep water as well as some that were near my feet! Step lightly when wade fishing! #fishing #flyfishing #fun
  23. Betts Hand Tied Popper did well even after getting clobbered multiple times by fish! Fish were liking the pattern. But, I had to eventually swap it for another fishing fly. Good pattern to keep at the ready with the upcoming trout stocking season in Oklahoma and Texas for us local fishermen. It's a Mop Fly... simple, effective pattern that has worked well for trout fished on a dead drift under an indicator. Do keep this one handy for trout... but keep in mind, it works for Green Trout, too! #fishing #flyfishing #fun
  24. Betts Hand Tied Popper did well even after getting clobbered multiple times by fish! Fish were liking the pattern. But, I had to eventually swap it for another fishing fly. #fishing #flyfishing #fun
  25. Bass jumps out of the water to eat a Dragon Fly!
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