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  1. TBT to the 2021 Trout Stocking Season on the Blue River. One of three trout to make a limit. See full video at... COAF Field Team
  2. Episode 22 in the "Little Red Book of Fly Fishing" podcast series where I review fly fishing tips.... This round it's tips 100 through 105! Tip 100: The Sting Tip 101: Easy on the Grease Tip 102: Accuracy Above All Tip 103: Beware the Wave Tip 104: Spare the Rod Tip 105: Ups and Downs Do check back on our next episode in the series where we shift from Part Two: Presentations to Part Three: Reading Water and discuss tips 106 - 109. Tip 106: Fish Like Changes Tip 107: Depressing Advice Tip 108: The Shadow Knows Tip 109: Watch for the Flash Good Luck and Good Fishing!
  3. TBT to the Blue River in Oklahoma where I mix it up fishing for trout with an ultralight baitcaster aka bait finesse systems fishing... casting a Super Duper for trout using various retrieves. See full video at... COAF Field Team.
  4. Would I buy it again... closing out the series with the OPST Commando Head in 175grn that I used with a 4wt, 8ft fly rod. Simple rating system with the OPST rating high... have purchased again, and again, and again!
  5. Another TBT shorts video at Denison Dam, tailrace to Lake Texoma! This round had some nice Stripers fishing a 5wt fly rod. #fishing #flyfishing
  6. Past trip to Denison Dam where I broke in the Okuma Surf Fishing Rod! #okuma
  7. Out and about for a quick trip fly fishing a pond... One-Handed Spey Fly Fishing style! Using a 175grn OPST Commando Head on a 4wt, 8ft fly rod and fishing a Betts Hand Tied Popper. No need to cast far but was good to know a distance cast was at my fingertips! How many fish this round... three!
  8. Quick trip to the local pond for Bass!
  9. No backcast, no false cast, no problem. OPST Commando Head on a 4wt, 8ft fly rod rocks!
  10. Want to up your fly fishing game, then try an OPST Commando Head! Up Your Fly Fishing Game with One of These? One-Handed Spey Fly Fishing
  11. The 175 grain OPST Commando Head is delivering some time today. For now, went kayak fishing for Catfish with juglines! his round I take the kayak to the local lake to catch a Catfish or two using jug lines! Bite was steady with five Blue Catfish caught. Largest went 20" in length!
  12. Quick trip while I wait for the 175 grain OPST Commando Head delivers. Using the 200 grain OPST; comes through making the discount Martin Fly Fishing combo priceless!
  13. Ordered a 175 grain OPST Commando Head for my 8ft 4wt Redington Pursuit Fly Rod. Going to use it with the 4/5wt Echo Ion Fly Reel. Should deliver Saturday. In preparation, made a DIY Floating Tip. After a quick test, the floating tip is good to go. Do check back, hope to kickoff the next video series... One-Hand Spey Fly Fishing! #flyfishing #fishing #spey
  14. Back for more micro fly fishing.This tIme I am fishing a feeder creek where it feeds into a pond and further upriver from it!
  15. Quick trip to the local pond fly fishing for Bluegill and Sunfish with the micro fly rod. Did a check to confirm how far I cast a little foam spider... 30 feet plus is well within reach!
  16. Follow up video of yesterday's fun pond fly fishing!
  17. Quick trip to the local pond. Bass were striking Dragon Flies... match the hatch. Switched to Dragon Flies!
  18. Liking the OPST Commando Head... No false casting needed! #fishing #flyfishing #bass https://youtu.be/B5OWLg2Vsr4
  19. Closing out the Getting Started Fly Fishing series with a Product Review of the Martin Fly Fishing Kit which comes with rod, reel, fly line, backing, and leader as well as fishing flies and an instruction booklet. It comes ready to fish - just tie on a fishing fly. Review provides recommendations and tips to get started in fly fishing and some thoughts on what to do next after fishing with the combo PS: Do check back on a follow-up video where I cast the combo with the level line that reel came with compared to casting with a shooting head - specifically, the OPST Commando Head! #flyfishing #fishing
  20. Ready to closeout the Getting Started Fly Fishing $33 Amazon Challenge after one more round at a local pond. Martin Fly Fishing Kit has been a great deal... fly rod and reel; fly line, backing and leader; and fishing flies, too! And, this round... the Wooley Bugger took a beating and was retired but it came through with Bass and Bluegill caught. Also, was able to show the false casts that I used to cast the level line for distance. Do check back... plan to post a closeout video with thoughts on the Martin Fly Fishing Kit and an extra video where I add an OPST Commando Head to the combo!
  21. Martin Fly Fishing Kit came with fishing flies. Muddler Minnow did well on Bass and Bluegill, but it was beaten up. Switched to the Big Nymph and caught more Bluegill. Good to known the fishing flies will catch fish!
  22. Next in the Getting Started in Fly Fishing series is a video that shows yours truly catching fish using only 32 feet of line - 8 feet of line on the rod, 16 feet of line past th rod tip, and 8 feet of leader tippet. If you are first starting out and you get frustrated with your cast, try less line and focus on a stealth approach/presentation to fish lurking near the bank. And, gain a feel for setting the hook and playing a fish on a fly rod. Fun stuff! Do check back for more in the series... next up is a look at the fishing flies that came with the $33 Martin Fly Fishing Kit!
  23. Back to a local pond that I have not fished for in awhile to "test" the Martin Fly Fishing Combo sold in a kit by Amazon. Using a Muddler Minnow that came with the kit. It's beaten up but still catches fish. Lots of fun, and got a new idea for the next video in the series where I use only 32 feet of line to fish. The intent... you don't need to cast long distances to catch fish to get started fly fishing! Stay tuned for more!
  24. I have used 6 lbs stren mono, 4lbs stren mono, and 2 lbs fluorocarbon with good success. Stocker trout, local pond fishing... for Stripers, I make a two section leader of 30 lbs stren and 17lbs stren... have not had issues with line breakage on the local stripers. I do keep Rio and Cabelas brand tippets handy for those longer trips that have larger trout.
  25. Next in the ongoing Getting Started in Fly Fishing - $33 Amazon Challenge is a money saving DIY demo where yours truly shows you how I make my own fly fishing leader. Costing less than a dollar, much less if you don't use tippet rings, the DIY Fly Fishing Leader uses a Perfection Loop, Blood Knot, Improved Clinch Knot, and a Trilene Knot and different lengths and strengths of monofilament line. Do give it a try and let us know how it works for you. And, do check back for more in the Series... look for upcoming videos of the Muddler Minnow that came with the Martin Fly Fishing Kit that is the base for this series! Also, have upcoming videos with suggestions that may be of interest to some... and, they won't cut into your fishing budget! #fishingtips #flyfishing #fishinghacks
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