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  1. Next in the Getting Started in Fly Fishing series - money saving DIY demo on making your own fly fishing leader. Costing less than a dollar, much less if you don't use tippet rings! #fishingtips #flyfishing #fishinghacks #fishing https://youtu.be/5BBW2vkQ5yY Try These Two Modifications for the Martin Fly Fishing Combo. Before you go fishing with the Martin Fly Fishing Combo, try these two modifications. Mod 1. If you want to change reel's left-hand retrieve to a right-hand retrieve.Mod 2. Add a section of 30lbs mono to replace the knot used to connect the fly line to the leader with a loop to loop connection. Works for similar single action fly reels that use a click-pawl drag aka clicker. Do check back for the next video if the Getting Started Fly Fishing - $33 Amazon Challenge... look for DIY Leader Recipe that show how we make our own fly fishing leaders instead of buying them!
  2. Video snippet showing how I switch the Martin Fly Reel from left to right hand retrieve. Works for similar click-pawl drag single action, fly reels. For more details, see the full video Try These Two Modifications for the Martin Fly Fishing Combo.
  3. First fish of the Getting Started Fly Fishing - $33 Amazon Challenge was a Bass! Hooked and landed others, too! Yes, you can get started fly fishing without breaking the bank. But, beware you may get hooked your self!
  4. Getting Started Fly Fishing - $33 Amazon Fishing Challenge 🤑 Kicked off the Amazon Challenge to show you can get started fly fishing for $33... specifically for $32.46 for a Martin Fly Fishing Fly Rod and Reel combo.
  5. One last fishing trip with the old Cortland Fiberglass Rod, and then it will be putaway to closeout the series. What's next,... "Getting Started in Fly Fishing - Amazon Fly Fishing Challenge". Ordered a Fly Rod/Reel combo for $32, delivers this week. Do stay tuned! #flyfishing #pondfishing #fishing
  6. Quick update to kickoff the Amazon Fly Fishing Challenge to demo getting started in fly fishing for $32... plus an update on yesterday's kayak fishing at the local lake!
  7. Tough go at our local lake yesterday. Struck out at Clear Lake Park on Lake Lavon. At least got a great workout! Later, fished Highland Park. Had a few hits on Shad. Even had one on the line but did not keep it... had a lesion that I was wary about.
  8. This round I take the old Cortland Fiberglass Rod that has no drag except for the reel clicker and palming the reel to the local pond for Bass. Rod has a slow action making it really bendy!
  9. Recent trip to the Texas Coast had us fishing with Fish Bites. Worked well in Saltwater, wonder how it does in Freshwater. Took the @GoFish Cam to the local pond and watched Bass, Bluegill, and Turtles react to Fish Bites. Also, learned the Bluegill are attracted to the sound of the splash when casting the GoFish Cam... may explain why we get bit immediately when fishing with lures and fishing flies! Do checkout the video!
  10. Another video snippet of the effectiveness of this combo. Popper catches fish'. Fly Rod casts well even over the shoulder, too!
  11. More video on the old fly rod and catching a fish with it!
  12. Grabbed the old fly rod and tied on a Betts Popper and caught a Bass at the local pond! #flyfishing #fishing #betts
  13. Here is the follow-on catch and cook video to our "Kayak Fishing for Whatever Bites" video! Simple recipe that calls for Garlic Salt and Black Pepper! Do give it a try!
  14. Headed to the local lake for kayak fishing Saturday morning. Heat Advisory in effect, so we were not sure if the fish would be biting. Plan was to either bottom bounce a slab and jig rig or troll it for whatever bites. Else, would get a workout in paddling to and from the boat ramp. Managed two White Bass - one on a yellow Slab and one on a Crappie Jig. Also, had a little Channel Catfish strike a Crappie Jig bottom bounced. Not sure how we plan to cook the two White Bass, but will post a video. Do check back!
  15. First time kayak fishing Canyon Lake. Water was crystal clear and weather was sunny and hot. Only caught two little fish but did get a good workout in! Did see some Baby Buzzards feeding on a dead carp. May have been a sign to try fishing another time. LOL!
  16. Fished with the Bait Finesse System Gear - Kastking Zephyr BFS Reel with Clicker and Bass Pro Shops Microlite Fiberglass Rod. Tied on the antique Rapala Floating Minnow for a follow-on round to confirm an earlier fishing trip was not a fluke. Confirmed... Bass still like the Rapala Floating Minnow! https://youtu.be/8-PhS0yTUJY
  17. Fun trip to the Texas Coast fishing for inshore saltwater fish with our Zebco Slingshot Spinning Combos purchased from Walmart for $9.99! Overall, the feisty combo held their own except for one that got away... would say the 8lbs line was the culprit not the combo.
  18. Quick tie fly tying demo of Wapsi's Foam Spider Kit. Easy pattern, tied in minutes, and fished soon after tying it. Caught four fish, lost what could have been number five... also, lost the fishing fly. Luckily, tied another one after the trip!
  19. Found an old Rapala Floating Minnow lure while antiquing this past weekend. 30+ years old, still catches fish! Worked well with the Bass Pro Shops Microlite Rod and Kastking Zephyr BFS Reel with clicker!
  20. Fishing with a Zebco Slingshot Spinning Rod and Reel combo that we bought for $9.99 at Wal-Mart. Caught a number of fish. Combo handled a few five pound fish without issue but this one was to big for it... Or, at least too big for the 10 lbs mono to hold it. Check out the video snippet, looked like a Big Black Drum!
  21. Back to the local pond for more BFS Fishing! Shimano Scorpion 17 BFS XG and the Bass Pro Shops Microlite Fiberglass Rod! $25 Bass Pro Fiberglass Rod Works for Bait Finesse Fishing!
  22. Fished a local pond using BFS Gear. Started with a tiny crankbait, then switched to a Mepps Inline Spinner. Bass and Bluegill were fun on the ultralight gear. Especially the Bluegill... caught several big ones!
  23. Two back to back trips to the local pond using the little 2wt Cabelas Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod. Works well with the 2/3 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel.
  24. More fun at the local pond bait finesse style fishing with the KastKing Zephyr and Haira Tiny 33F Crankbait!
  25. Fished the local pond the other day using the little 2wt Cabelas Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod. Paired well with the 2/3 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel. I am fishing a Caddis Foam Grasshopper and working the pond by casting to spawning Bluegill on their nests. Polarized glasses make a difference in finding them.
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