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  1. Here a recipe - Beer Batter Fish Fry, that may of interest to some. Like the crispiness and the tartar sauce is tasty. Makes for great Fish and Chips!
  2. Another simple but effective pattern - Simple Foam Rubber Grasshopper. Used it today and had fun catching a few Bass and Bluegill!
  3. Went kayak trolling this morning for White Bass. Made a batch of Red and White Tube Flies. Also, brought Crappie Jigs and Slabs. Have used Tube Flies before at local ponds using a five weight rod with good success. This time wanted to see if the Tube Fly could be trolled like a Crappie Jig. To add weight, used silver Cone Heads. To make the Tube Fly, tied Marabou to the tube, and then made a red head with the tying thread. Basically, a Tube Popper Fly less the popper. Action was steady with six Keepers. Did get others but they were undersized. Of the lures used, Tube Fly seemed to get more hook ups and less missed strikes but only two Keepers went for it. The remaining Keepers went for the Crappie Jig. Going to play around with this pattern more, and may post a SBS later. Here is a video clip of the action and a picture of the Red and White Tube Flies.
  4. Another round with a Balsa Popper Fly this evening. Caught six Bass, there was a Bass #7 but it came off the hook, and then out my hands when I picked it up. It got away! Had a fun time, liking the jig hook on the popper fly!
  5. Made it out this evening to try the Balsa Popper Flies tied using jig hooks. Caught a few, missed a few, even lost a Balsa Popper Fly. Popper was easier to "pop" with the jig hook and the movement was erratic like a wounded bait fish! Picture and video below.
  6. Here is one for Fathers Day and the fisherman in us! Lessons Learned while Fishing with Dad.
  7. Brought a Five Weight Rod but replaced the reel with a 4/5 Weight Echo Ion. Liked the 8/10 Weight for the Switch Rod; decided to get the smaller size reel for the Five Weight! Liked it, too! Started fishing with a Foam Damsel Fly and caught Bluegill, Sunfish, and Bass. Did lose one to a decent Bass that broke the tippet. Later, switched to a Tube Popper Fly. Missed several nice looking fish; too slow on the hookset. But, did get two Bass!
  8. Used a Balsa Popper Fly today (as well as a COAF Guadalupana and Foam Damsel Fly) to catch Bluegill and Bass. Bluegill really liked the Balsa Popper Fly; they were in their beds and readily striking the popper. Had to make an adjustment in the size of the popper but once found, it was steady hook ups for a while!
  9. Thanks atxdiscgolfer! I try to make it down there at least once each year.
  10. It is a simple and effective pattern. Made the difference this evening. Caught four Bass; three went for a Foam Damsel Fly in white. Had to work pockets in the algae to take two; missed others, and then took one that was near the shoreline. Here is a video clip (PS: Last one - Bass #4 went for a Tube Popper Fly):
  11. Managed to catch several Bass this evening... one went for a Tube Popper Fly (Yellow with White Marabou)!
  12. Here is another simple pattern - COAF Damsel Fly, that seems to be a consistent producer of Bass and on occasion a Catfish. Used it today at a local pond. Although the action was slow, and was able to catch a Bluegill, a Sunfish, a Catfish (using a Tube version of the same pattern), and a Bass that went just under 15".
  13. Here is one that may be of interest to some - Balsa Popper Fly. It describes one approach to making one but also looks at other Balsa Popper Flies that others have made! Do try this one out, too!
  14. My mistake; will hold on posting Step By Step instructions.
  15. Made several Tube Popper Flies to replace the prototype lost the other day. Went with White Marabou and Red as well as Yellow Popper Bodies. Did a "Field Test" (another excuse to go fishing!) and was able to catch four Bass, missed others... going to blame it on the pretty woman in the white shorts that walked by! Largest Bass went 15"!
  16. PS: Here is a video where I used it to catch and release a .Catfish.
  17. Here is a variant of a San Juan Worm Ball. Looks like a controversial topic. Have used it to catch Catfish in the local pond which is catch and release only. There is a canal that runs from an upper pond to lower pond. When it rains, Catfish some times get trapped in the canal until the next big rains come or some one catches them and releases them into the ponds. If anyone is interested, I can post in the Step By Step section on how I tie one.
  18. PS: Here is a video from this past Season on the Guadalupe River by Huaco Springs where two of us used a COAF Guadalupana (Wet Fly Hackle instead of a Palmered Hackle).
  19. Warm weather here in Texas and the Trout Stocking Season has since passed. Here is one that worked well in the Stock Ponds and the Guadalupe River this past Season as well as Seasons past. It's a variant of the larger Guadalupana Fishing Fly. The one in the picture uses a Palmered Hackle but it can be tied like a Wet Fly Hackle as well. Here are details on tying one - COAF Guadalupana Fishing Fly. Works on Bluegill and Sunfish, too!
  20. Thanks on the video comments and bookmarking my blog!
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