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  1. What Worked For Us Trout Fishing the Blue River... Ultralight Bait Casting and More! Had Friday off last week. Made the run to the Blue River to try trout fishing using ultralight fishing gear. We left the fly fishing gear at home. Your truly and opted for a Bait Finesse System Combo that truly has me hooked. Our fishing buddy went with an Ultralight Spinning Combo. Tried various lures and in the end, it came down to Super Dupers and presentation, changing the retrieve as needed based on the trout striking or more importantly on what they were nor striking! Do check out the video an in keeping with out motto, "Learn to fish by our trials and errors"... let us know if the video was helpful!
  2. Quick Fishing Update | Oklahoma This Weekend Quick update on this past weekend's fishing fun. Made the run to the Blue River in Oklahoma where we fished with Bait Finesse Gear and Ultralight Spinning Gear. Two fished; two limits taken! But, was not just about fishing. Able to checkout the happenings at the OK State Fairgrounds - specifically, the Gun Show and the Backwoods and Outdoor Show. Shout out to the folks we saw this weekend! Great meeting Kevin at Scotty's One Stop, Scott at the Gun Show, and the Official Fish Boss at the Backwoods and Outdoor Show! Do check back; still editing the Blue River video. Will post later this week! Till then, Good Luck and Good Fishing!
  3. Here is the what worked today Silver Super Duper, 10 count, and slow... slow retrieve!
  4. After only a strike and a miss, decided to post a livestream while trout fishing at Murphy City Complex Pond. Saw lots of folks, with limits being taken on PowerBait and PowerWorms as well as lures. Gold Super Duper worked for some in the morning. Later, Silver Super Dupers were getting bit. Key was to cast mid-pond , let the lure sink, and retrieve slow... much slower than the retrieve that worked last weekend in McKinney's Towne Lake. Do check back, will get a video of the retrieve that worked for us and of the day's trip!
  5. Beware of Bigger Fish Below... Local trout derby scheduled today; rain and snow in the forecast. May need to stop by tomorrow instead of today. That said, there are bigger fish lurking in the pond. Be prepared to haggle with them over a fish or two!
  6. This round I demonstrate the five steps I follow that helped me limit out on Trout. Do give it a try, and let us know how it worked for you!
  7. Yesterday, Trout wanted a Roster Tail on a slow retrieve at the local pond. Today, they wanted a Silver Super Duper! Here is short demo on how we fished the Super Duper.
  8. Answering the mail... demo of the slow and steady retrieve that worked for trout yesterday. But, pattern changed for me today. Limited out with five but trout were striking on Silver Super Dupers fished slowly. Will post a follow-up video showing today's pattern.
  9. Towne Lake McKinney Fishing Trip Report 2-19-2022 Trout were liking inline spinners - specifically, Rooster Tails. Local Trout Derby (McKinney) was winding down but the trout were getting active. Rooster Tails as well as Power Worms were favored lures and baits. Yours truly opted for Bait Finesse Systems style fishing casting a 1/16oz Rooster Tail to trout lurking mid-pond. Fun times!
  10. Trout at Warren Sports Complex | Valentine's Day BFS Fishing with Senkos Fishing Trip Report for last Sunday – Super Bowl Sunday, to the Warren Sports Complex. Plan was to catch a trout or two, but as it turned out only one for trip. At least, it was not a strikeout! PS: Added footage to the video on a follow-up trip on Valentine’s Day to catch Bass on Senkos BFS Style!
  11. THanks! There used to be some bigger ones lurking there. Maybe find them again this year.
  12. Another Bait Finesse Senko Bass #shorts Another quick trip opportunity for Bait Finesse Systems fishing at the local pond. Got a Bass with a Senko... Awesome, Liking the BFS Fishing style!
  13. Warren Sports Complex Trout Fishing #frisco #livestream[/ur/] Fishing updates and related activities from the Team! Do check back as we post YouTube Shorts, Videos, and Live Streams while we are out and about. This round we fished Warren Sports Complex for the Trout Stocking in Frisco. Past years the tout were stocked at the Frisco Commons pond. This year and maybe going forward, the Warren Sports Complex was stocked. The annual Trick A Trout Derby was held yesterday, but it sounds like the trout were stocked during the week instead of early Saturday morning. The bite was slow with some limits observed; we suspect the change in temps - dropped 30 degrees from yesterday, had something to do with the slow down in the action. Moreover, it is a big pond; more like a lake. Seemed like the trout were deep or lurking near the waterflow along the North bank - the one with the concrete retaining wall. Do have video while we there; do check back! Lots of wind noise; apologies.
  14. Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing | BFS Fishing Lures? Second of a three box subscription that yours truly received as a Christmas Gift. Decided on the Panfish and Trout option because we have had good luck with the light weight lures that target panfish and trout.... and more important, can be used for Bait Finesse System aka ultralight baitcasting. This round had five lures of which the Slim John Spoon at 1/12oz and Crappie Jigs at 1/16oz should work well with the BFS Combos we have! Do check back; hope to catch a fish or two with them!
  15. Here is a series of past post for the DIY Wooden Net that we made that may be of interest to some. Simple and inexpensive, too! Fishing-Hacks.com
  16. Snow delay from the recent Winter Storm has yours truly indoors staying warm. But, first chance at fishing, was out at the local pond with the BFS Kastking Zephyr with Reel Clicker and Bass Pro Shops 3' Short Rod. This time went with a Senko to get a Bass to take!
  17. Best Chance To Catch a Big Trout in the DFW Metroplex.... TRWD Flyfest? It's just around the corner!
  18. May be of interest to some... "No Welded Loop in Your Fly Line..."
  19. Been a little bit, but finally migrated the iFishNews Fishing Podcasts to a new site. Has a mix of fishing "musings", "live sessions", and the Little Red Book of Fly Fishing episodes. Do check it out, posted the podcast/video podcasts to one site at iFishNews.com
  20. How about a Kayak Cart for those times when the lake is low and the gates are closed courtesy of Fishing-Hacks.com?
  21. Here is a post a new website (Fishing-Hacks.com) we are working on... it's the first of many more to come we hope!
  22. Quick update.... Ordered more inline spinner making material. Do check out the pre-recorded discussion and lets us know your plans to make your own inline spinners!
  23. Audio is still slightly off; added footage helps.
  24. Issues with the audio sync of the original live stream update from the Team! Here is a updated video with the sync issue resolved and additional footage to support the answer to the question about pros and cons of BFS versus Spin Casting. Was tough to find info specific to comparing BFS with Spin Casting. Decided to try a different approach and then search online. As I am a novice at BFS, thoughts were to collate inputs from other more experienced fishermen. Do check out the pre-recorded discussion and lets us know why you decided to try Bait Finesse Systems Fishing!
  25. Kastking Zephyr BFS with Reel Clicker | Got a Bass on the Short Rod and DIY Inline Spinner New reel arrived - Kastking Zephyr BFS reel with reel clicker. Liked the model without a clicker, decided to try the one with a clicker. Made a quick trip to the local pond and had a Bass on briefly before it threw the hook. Afterwards, it was a slow go without another strike. Decided to demo the casting ability of the short rod combo. Casting the DIY inline spinner that I modified by adding a larger treble hook, the combo cast well. Inline spinner weighed just over 1/16oz. Estimated casting distance was 20 yards based on steps. Was going to keep going longer but had to run to the grocery store for an errand. Luckily, there is a pond near the store. Made a cast or two and landed a nice Bass. Looks like the Short Rod Combo and inline spinner can catch a fish or two! Fun times!
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