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  1. Shimano 17 Scorpion BFS Reel | Daiwa Minicast Rod | Casts 1/16oz Lure! First time fishing the Shimano 17 Scorpion BFS Reel mounted on the Daiwa Minicast Rod! After a backlash on the first cast, followed by several overruns, and then adjusting the spool tension and brakes, able to let it rip and cast in the dark without a backlash. Liking casting 1/16oz Rooster Tails in the dark without a backlash! Did not catch a fish but did learn the feel of the rod and reel combo and trained the thumb to cast confidently in the dark. Next step... catch a fish! PS. The 5ft rod breaks down into 5 pieces making it easier to "store" in the backpack I take to the day job!
  2. Shimano Reel 17 Scorpion BFS Unboxing New reel arrived. Going to open it and check it out! The Shimano Curado BFS reels were out of stock. Saw a review by RX Angler for the Shimano Scorpion. Liked it! Noticed the Shimano Reel 17 Scorpion BFS XG Right was in stock on Amazon. Had gift cards from Christmas, in short order... ordered one. Plan to fish it sooner than later. Do check back on follow-up fishing videos!
  3. Ultralight Bass Fishing | Kastking Zephyr and 1/16oz Rooster Tail Works! Fished the local pond with the Kastking Zephyr BFS reel on a Shakespeare Microcast Rod and 1/16oz Roostertail. Switched the 10lbs braided line that had a 2lbs mono equivalent diameter for 4lbs mono... no more line slipping under the spool! Caught two bass and found a lure someone lost... not bad, left with more lures than I had at the start. Not the norm for yours truly! PS. Shimano BFS reel delivers today... check back for an unboxing post!
  4. Almost Lost My GoFish Cam | Recovered #shorts TBT to warmer days. This one has me taking a swim to recover my @GoFish Cam that was snagged to some line while fishing Denison Dam one Summer! Glad I got it back!
  5. Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing #bfsfishing Received a three month subscription to the Mystery Tackle Box! First box delivered. Let's open it up and see what is inside!
  6. May be of interest to some... Trout Fishing Strategy 1,2,3 - Spinning Gear. Targets trout but it can easily be modified for other fish and methods. Check it out!
  7. First Fish for 2022 | Bass on an Inline Spinner #bfsfishing This time it is the first fish of the year for yours truly; a Bass that went for a Yakima Rooster Tail inline spinner while BFS fishing with the Kastking Zephyr! Tried a Rapala jerk bait but did not catch a fish this round with it. Switched to the inline spinner, caught two Bass and lost another one. Fun stuff fishing with a BFS reel aka ultralight baitcasting. Do check out the video, and do give BFS a try and let us know how it worked for you!
  8. Thanks for the tip! Was a fun time, looking forward to more fishing fun be it kayak, fly fishing, BFS pond fishing... in 2022!
  9. Closed Out 2021 Kayak Fishing Lake Texoma | One Striper, Two Carp or Buffalo? | GoFish CAM Warm temps had us setting out the kayaks for a go at the Striped Bass at Lake Texoma. Our Texoma Licences were good till 12/31/21 and the Annual COE Permit was good to go till August 2022. Foggy trip up the road from Allen but things cleared and we put in at East Burns Run with the plan to dead drift flukes and shad for the Striped Bass. Water was chilly, wind was not too bad at all, and waves were not an issue. The only issue we had were no Stripers. Not wanting to closeout 2021 on a strikeout headed to Denison Dam to fish the tailrace. Fishing Buddy hooked up with one Striped Bass and yours truly although did not catch a fish, did get some video footage of what was lurking below. What a difference a day makes,... or in this case months. Earlier in the year, we fished Denison Dam and put in the GoFish Cam. There were fish everywhere... this round, saw two fish only - looked like Carp or Buffalo? Here's to 2022 and more fishing fun and more "Learn to Fish by our Trials and Errors"! Happy New Year to you and yours!
  10. How Many Fish Can I Catch Using a Mepps Inline Spinner? Decided to run down the road to the local pond (Bethany Lakes) and see what was biting. Brought the KastKing Zephyr BFS Reel and Ultralight Lures and left the fly rod at home. Plan was to fish Roostertails but switched to a Mepps Inline Spinner since the Trout seemed to be interested in them - specifically, a copper bladed Mepps Inline Spinner. Trout were following the spinner but not striking which was promising given they ignored gold, silver, and black. For fun and games, fished only the copper bladed Mepps Inline Spinner to see how many fish I could catch. Worked the banks of two of the four ponds at Bethany Lakes... "Main Pond" and "Back Pond". Caught a number of fish - Bass and Bluegill. Check out the video, and do guess how many I caught...?
  11. Thanks mikechell, No days when fishing! Will give it a try next round. Not sure how deep the pond was but I noticed a few larger things moving about on the other end of the pond.
  12. First Time Trout Fishing Marval Resort | Lower Illinois River, Oklahoma Planned to fish the Lower Illinois River in Oklahoma by the Power Plant. When we arrived, we noted the river was high and the current was strong. They were generating power, so we went to our backup plan... fishing for trout at a place we never been to before... Marval RV Resort. Since it is further downriver, we hoped the current would be slower and wadeable. It was still flowing fast and wading would be a hazard other than protected areas near the bank. No worries... learned a few things about the area, caught a fish or two as well as one trout by our Fishing Buddy. Check out the video as we fish a new place by trial and error!
  13. Fished Bethany Lakes Friday morning for a chance at the trout. Trout were there actively feeding. Bait seemed to be catching them fished under a float. The winner hands down was a homemade dough bait that one fisherman was using. Yours truly caught three trout fly fishing, caught three Bass as well but his mojo was off losing a lot more trout that stuck the fishing fly. Did notice the trout wanted movement. Did get strikes using a Black Midge, Rainbow Warrior, and a Griffith's Gnat. As the morning progressed, noticed it was best to recast if no strike after counting to 10 when fishing dry flies. There were a number of Bass near the pier with three caught using a White Producer - fishing fly we bought at Scotty's One Stop on a trip to the Blue River in Oklahoma. Fun stuff!
  14. Pan Fried Trout | Only One Seasoning #shorts YouTube Shorts video of yours truly cooking the trout we caught this last trip. Decided to season with just Slap Ya Mama Seasoning. Cook ten minutes on high heat each side. When done, use a fork to scrape the meat of the bones. Tasty!
  15. Murphy's Law of Fishing 101 #shorts Checked out the local pond yesterday; noticed the trout were active, feeding on something hatching. Turned out Murphy's Law of Fishing 101 was in effect... specifically, the one lure, bait, or fishing fly they are biting on is the one you do not have!
  16. Trout Fishing | Bubble and PowerWorm Rig Worked This Round Decided to fish Pottsboro Lake in Pottsboro Texas this past Saturday. After a little rain in the morning, made it to the pond just as a cold front rolled in. Cold and windy, did manage three trout. Planned to catch trout using ultralight lures and a BFS Rod/Reel, but trout wanted PowerWorms. Good thing I had the Bubble and Fly Rig handy, just swapped the fishing fly for a PowerWorm. Bite was steady, just kept missing the hookset. Did get a few Bluegill and a Bass on the PowerWorms. Plus got some underwater video of what was lurking in the pond! Do check out the video!
  17. Kastking Zephyr BFS Reel Product Review | Pros, Cons, And Tips Product review of the Kastking Zephyr BFS Reel where yours truly details why he likes the reel noting pros, cons, and tips... more like suggestions for those interested in trying BFS fishing but at a entry price point that is much easier on the wallet compared to other reels! This is the reel I have been using to cast 1/16oz Roostertails for trout recently. Next item to try is casting a fishing fly using a specialized weight!
  18. Trout Fishing with PowerWorms #shorts YouTube Shorts Video of underwater action shots of a Trout really liking a Berkley PowerWorm! Ended up catching three trout today but missed a lot more. Fished using the Kastking Zephyr BFS reel and a bubble fly rig but used a PowerWorm instead of a fishing fly. Windy and cold, still had lots of fun!
  19. Casting Ultralight Lures for Trout #shorts YouTube Shorts video where I practice casting ultralight lures using a Kastking Zephyr BFS reel lined with 10lbs Spiderwire which has an equivalent diameter to 2lbs monofilament. 1/16oz Roostertail gets one trout to strike! Do check back, plan to try more BFS fishing for trout in the next few weeks.
  20. YouTube Shorts video of yours truly trout fishing using a Kastking Zephyr BFS reel and a Fire Tiger Roostertail, and then a Penn Pursuit spinning reel and a Black Roostertail. Steady but fast retrieve was key!
  21. Texas Trout Stocking | Limited Out After Finding the Pattern Back to the local pond for more trout fishing. Cold temps with frost had changed the pattern. Eventually found a lure and a retrieve that worked. Limited out casting to passing schools of trout. Do check out the video to see how I found pattern.
  22. DFW Fishing | How I Fished the Super Duper at Bethany Lakes Fishing updates and related activities from the Team! This round caught three trout... two on a Gold Super Duper and one on a Silver Super Duper on a Friday morning quick trip. Did go back Saturday and caught three more on the Gold Super Duper. But, no video. Back Sunday morning and finally limited out using a Black Roostertail. Video in the works stay tuned. For this round, check out the retrieve that I was using when fishing the Super Dupers!
  23. DFW Fishing | Bethany Lakes Trout Stocking Texas Trout Stocking Season is in full swing. Our local pond received its stocking Thursday, 12/19. Yours truly made a quick trip after work to the pond and noted lots of folks catching trout. Trout were active, and bait seemed to be the key. I opted for lures and managed to catch two trout - one on a Gold Super Duper and another on a PowerBait Worm (it's a lure isn't it?). Fun times, even cooked up the two using a simple recipe of Garlic Powder, Season Salt, and Jalapenos! Made it back this morning and caught three on Super Dupers. Will get that video posted at a later date.
  24. Bookmarked the video for ease of reference. No need to watch the full video. Introduction 0:01 Link Collin County 0:50 Link Bethany Lakes, Allen 0:50 Link Warren Sports Complex, Frisco 1:29 Link Frontier Park, Prosper 2:03 Link Towne Lake, McKinney 2:54 Link Murphy City Hall, Murphy 4:05 Link Denton County 4:33 Link South Lakes Park, Denton 4:33 Link Lake Lewisville Ecological Learning Area (LLELA), Lewisville 5:26 Link Heritage Park, Flower Mound 5:59 Link Leonard Johns Park, Flower Mound 6:35 Link Grayson County 6:59 Link Pottsboro Lake, Pottsboro 6:59 Link Waterloo Park Pond, Waterloo 7:31 Link Pebblebrook Pond, Sherman 8:25 Link Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Athens 8:53 Link Suggested Fishing Gear for first day of stocking 10:44 Link
  25. Texas Trout Stocking | Places We Like for the 2021-2022 Season Our local pond - Bethany Lakes, gets its trout stocking tomorrow - December 9, 2021. To kick-off the Texas Trout Stocking Season, we posted a video that describes places we like to fish for the 2021-2022 Season. Specifically, three counties in near the DFW Metroplex and then the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center. Do check out the video, and do let us know how this Season is going for you... "are you catching a trout or two, or more?" #texastroutstocking #texastroutfishing #dfwfishing
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