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  1. I would love to be apart of this with a gurgle frog! My first swap!
  2. Denduke, it really does doesn't it! Does yours fish well? Haven't really got to fish mine yet.
  3. Size two hooks for both, with glass beads from my moms bracket making kit!
  4. I've been messing around tying some of Kelly Galloup Style Articulated flies. Here is my Sex Dungeon fly. Just deer hair, lead eyes, cactus chenille, marabou, hackle, b10s hook for front, and 3x streamer hook in the back!
  5. Deer hair Diver, nothing to special
  6. Kelly Galloup's sex dungeon does a fantastic job to imitate these
  7. jamesbrock3


    I like this... I like this a lot..
  8. Start the thread on the jig hook and tie in eyes at the front. After that attach two rabbit strips to the hook. Then polymer your your polar chenille up the hook close to the bend. Then attach 6-7 sili legs to each side of the fly making sure to cover the hook all the way around. After that cover your thread warps up with a little more polar chenille and whip finish. Next, take your fly out of the vice and attach a small square of sheet foam to each of the rabbit strips. The sky is the limit for color combinations!
  9. i kinda just threw stuff together to resemble a jig n pig honestly... I'm gonna use this fly for a crayfish in defensive position, so slowly drag it along. I just wanted to show that it has a nice jiggy action as well. I can show a step by step if you want
  10. This was tied on a size 2 jig hook. Large dumbell eyes, copper flash chenille, crazy legs for skirt, with two barred rabbit strips with foam on the ends for claws. Has a very nice jigging action.IMG_0034.MOV
  11. I fixed the other post! here is the link: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=80362
  12. Mike, this post somehow posted before I finished. I made another post on this fly with pictures if you are interested in it. I just can't figure out how to delete this post.
  13. I took your advice and here it is!
  14. It rides hook point up, and there are lead eyes that ride like clouser minnow eyes. I just put holographic eyes on top of them to give this pattern more proportional sized eyes
  15. Decided to tie up one of Thomas Harvey's flies called "The Trophy Wife". Made it to imitate baby trout. Criticism would be appreciated! Tied on a size two owner hook.
  16. Tied up the fly by Thomas Harvey called the Trophy Wife. Criticism wanted! This is tied on a size two owner hook.
  17. I only use rabbit strip when tying subsurface swimming flies. I use this fly like I would a crankbait, stripping it hard and letting it bounce of logs and such. That's is also why I use a sinking line rather than tying this fly with lead. I'm not trying to make it stay deep, but rather rise and fish the middle to upper water column. How deep I want to fish this is all dependent on my leader length
  18. Philly, What size hooks are you using for those? They look fantastic!
  19. I'm a little late to this forum but check this fly rod crankbait out! Made of deer hair and a plastic lip. Just came across this the other day. Swims like a real crankbait aswell. http://globalflyfisher.com/video/cb-diver
  20. Bruce, I tied this on a size 2 hook. I plan on fishing this with full sinking line. Can you post a picture of what you mean with mono? Thanks!
  21. Recently had the urge to get better at making deer hair bugs. This is my first attempt of a rabbit strip diver (second attempt to tie a diver). The first pic is it without the eyes (so you can see how it was packed and trimmed), the second is with the eyes on. Please let me know what you think!!
  22. I was messing around not trying to tie to any specific pattern, and I created this. I'm not too sure if there is any pattern similar to this, or I just made a new pattern. Its tied on two #2 B10S hooks. On the trailer hook it has a buck tail flare at the back with polar chenille wrapping forward with a few strands of flash. For connection, I'm using 25# mono with two beads. For the front hook I have another buck tail flaring backwards, followed by a small section of polar chenille. In front of that I made a dubbing loop and put craft fur in it to make a collar behind the lead eyes. For the head I used more polar chenille. After I tied this, I begun thinking about using rust colors and possibly making a killer sculpin imitation. Just a Thought. This was my first attempt at an articulated fly as well. Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated! Note: This fly is being tested this weekend for browns and rainbows
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