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  1. Matt, I absolutely love what you've done with this fly. Just gorgeous! Eric
  2. I've really liked everything I've seen from you, and this fly is wild! Quite a departure, and a really neat one. Great idea, beautifully executed! Eric
  3. I like the Lizzie and have done the fly in the past myself. Nice rendition! Not many do this one. Eric
  4. Bud, I just love the shape of your wings, and the entire flow you get with your flies. Really something! Eric
  5. Matt, just amazed at how far you've come. Wonderful fly! Eric
  6. Very nice rendition of one of my favorites. Actually though, 4/0 is BIG for these flies. The vast majority were fished 3/0 and smaller. There were great big flies, yes, up to 10/0, but most were 3/0 tops. I like 4/0 as a size myself, and have sort of standardized on it, unless it's a full featherwing. Really good job on this one! Eric
  7. I can't imagine where you would have gotten the idea to use glass beads on the body of your fly. Where have I seen that done before... Now you'll have to tie another one just like it for the other earring. Cool fly. I've never had the problem where I messed up my hand on a big fish. That may speak more to my fishing than anything else though. Nice job, Eric
  8. Really nice. I'm unfamiliar with the song, but the fire idea comes through beautifully. I like the sides you've got on the fly very much. Sorry to hear about your woes with the government. Hope you find some other funding. Eric
  9. I've tied on Hans' a couple of times. I just love the thing. I'd take either one, the small one or the large, I don't care. Lots of money though... although it's probably worth it, I don't know. It's an ergonomic delight. Eric
  10. Ronn's recognition was long overdue, not only because of his artistry, which is self evident, but also because of his generosity. Ronn shares his gifts freely, and has always been an inspiration. Eric
  11. So far so GOOD! Love it. Hope we get to see the finished fly. Eric
  12. Matt Inmann just sent me a packet of goodies from the Classic Salmon Seminars, so I thought I'd better get going and catch up. This course that Matt, Charles Vestal, Dave Carne and Davie McPhail (with help from Long Nguyen) have cooked up contains some of the most impressive tutorials I've seen since Ronn Lucas' series. Just great stuff, so I had to be a part. Here's my first fly. Eric
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