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  1. One thing I do when attaching the solid plastic eyes that Capt. Lemay uses is after I clip the stem off, I lightly sand the back of the eye by moving it back and forth on an emery board. It seems to bond better that way, at least for me.

    I have found that if I use the domed eyes, I use alcohol to remove the adhesive from the eye prior to glueing it on the fly. I have had flys that after they were used a while, I would only have the silver backing left on the fly.

    The eyes mentioned by Bob Lemay are the ones I use the most now.

  2. Very nice looking poppers. I used to turn cork, but the quality of the cork I had was poor and took a lot of filling. Now I just use the foam. I got the cutters and turners from Steve Winters several years ago and it is much easier to work than cork or balsa to me.

    Same here,, He makes a great turner!

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