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  1. Hello there local fisherman. There are alot of areas around here to go fishing at for sure. Flyfishing is easy to do. Flytying given the weather right now isnt that bad of an idea either.
  2. A few years ago while grabbing thread at my fly shop, the owner said 8/0 does great for big bass bugs, and it won't cut your fingers when you pull on it. Another thing to remember is you only have to put enough pressure on the thread to flare the hair. Any more pressure then that is wasted effort. As for the hair, as long as it is stiff hair, it will float. Just remember to clip the tips. If you need a thick body, just stack the hair till you get the thickness your after.
  3. Renzetti traveler. It's a rotary vise, easy to assemble/disasemble, and most all renzettis use a lever to lock the jaws, not a screw type locking mechanism. I'd recommend the clamp base. The heavy base tends to want to tip if tying flies where you have to put alot of pressure on the thread.
  4. I've been thinking about My tying, and future rod building area. I went to Harbor Freight Tools today, and was looking at a few ideas for tools that I need, as well as ways of storing em when I seen this wood tool chest. I also checked out some very nice wooden work benches, a lathe for shaping rod handles, as well as calipers, planes, and various other tools I might want. Does anyone else use any kind of storage other then rubbermade totes, and such? Im just trying to find ways to clear the clutter, and was wondering how you all did it.
  5. I've seen this format before on some other sites. I personally love the way it looks, and it may just be the prior use, but find it quiet easy to use as well. Thumbs up Will.
  6. Does anyone know of any good fly rods in an 8wt under 200$. I had a link for one I wanted to get before I had a computer crash, and no longer have the link. I've done a google search for travel rods, but have only found rods for over 200$. I have a tiny car, so would want a rod I can keep in the car, and not have to worry about having to move the rod around all the time, or even taking it out of the car when other people want to get in. Thanks for the look.
  7. 153 gallons!!!!! lmbo....I dont make that much in a week right now. That's awesome. Goes to show that some people really do get what they deserve.
  8. I've been wanting to get a new vest for this season, given My old vest is running out of room with all the boxes I carry with Me. I really like the fishpond vests that I've been looking at lately. Right now I've narrowed it down to two vests given My exploration type fishing trips wasatch wildhorse I'm thinking for the money the wasatch is the way to go, but the wildhorse has nearly twice the pack capacity for only 30$ more. The bladder, and fly storage capacity are the two main sellers. Anyone own one, or know anyone who has? How well do they fit, and are they comfortable for all day trecks when loaded down. Thanks for look, and any help.
  9. I personally would go with a pontoon boat over a float tube. I dont want My feet dangeling down for some slithery creature to take a bite outta My skin. but I've looked at bps, and the only prices I've seen for the link you've shown show the same prices roughly. must be an in store price
  10. antron of some other spikey looking dubbing also helps as well. if what your trying to use looks soft like cotton, thats just a filler, or something to add bulk to patterns. you need a dubbing thats got lots of guard hairs in it, or a synthetic dubbing that has a spikey look n feel to it. try some antron dubbing and you'll see what I mean. Or if you have a hares mask, cut some of thicker guard hairs n blend your own dubbing. you'll see what I mean when you do that.
  11. For Me, it all depends on how I want the fly to drop. If I want it to nose dive, I'll add a bead to the head. If I want a full sink, get the fly down now drop, I'll start the fly out by wrapping the body in wire, then tying the fly as it needs to be tied. It all depends on how I want it to sink for Me.
  12. I'm thinking used paper towel roll. Might not last forever, but you can trim it to the length you want, and wouldn't cost anymore then a week or so to wait for the empty roll. you could even any size hair with it, and best of all....the mrs. wouldn't mind letting you spend some of that hard earned cash later on other things to tie with, if your using household items to forward your progress.
  13. I'd say the smaller of the two boxes, are roughly the dimensions of two large fly boxes side by side. The other box is just a clear standard plano box found at walmart, or any other sporting goods, or hobby stores.
  14. If you wanna spin hair, it's easier then it looks, to be honest with ya. Place your stack of hair (the thickness of two pencils max), on top of the hook, and take two loose wraps around the hair. On the second loop, pull straight down to make the hair flare, and while keeping pressure on the thread, add a few more wraps. If done properly, the hair will turn around the shank. Then pull the hair back, take a few wraps in front of the hair, then add a few half hitches to keep it in place. it's best to spin the hair with no thread on the hook, as I found it helps to spin it abit better. Also, make sure you pack the hair after every other stack of hair, to keep it tight for a good floating bug. Hope this helps ya out.
  15. nice looking poppers! I am going to try my hand at some deer fly poppers today once you get the hang of how to spin and stack.....it will become a new addiction, lol. The trick I've found is trimming the hair
  16. deer hair bass bugs....n lots of em. I gotta start tying up some divers, and bottom patterns too. just not sure what Im gonna tie yet. frogs, mice, poppers, clouser minnows, and a pattern I seen called the white bellied mouse in the summer 09' edition of fly tyer magazine are whats on the list to tie soon.
  17. took a few pics of my set up for the bass bugs this summer. as Im computer illiterate, you'll have to forgive the pics if they are huge
  18. I've been tying alot of bass bugs lately n putting em in My normal fly boxes. I went to organize em today, n found a few of em crushed by the fly box being it sits so low :bugeyes: . My question is, what do you use to store your bugs in, and where do you get em. I've been using some plano boxes for right now doing alot of tying this winter, but need something I can store in My vest when Im out fishing.
  19. I throw two whip finish knots after each stack/spin of hair, then pack, and cement at the knot. It seems to work for Me. Then once the bug is completely tied, I add a thick layer of cement on the belly, and head of the fly. Seems to last for about 15 fish max. By that time, most of the bass have seemed to shred the fly apart anyways, no matter how well they were tied.
  20. yea she's a step ahead of ya on the drift wood. That was her first suggestion when I put the flies in there. As far as her things in there, she said no worries. She knows the things I put in there will look good, so she's all for it. Hell, she's even been looking at antique shops for older fly reels, flies, and fishing equipment to put in it, or place around the house.
  21. a few pics I've taken of a new display case me n my g.f. recieved from her uncle when he went into a retirement home a few weeks ago. Finally got a few things to put in there, and tied a few flies for the display. nothing fancy, but she really enjoys it.
  22. Actually the overall damage wasnt too bad. Got a few patches of deer hair (one of which is about equal to 10 patches in length, and 2 wide in black) in green, white, and orange, some big game thread for bass bugs, a new hair packer, latest edition of flytyer mag, n a few packs of marabou feathers. well lets just say I went almost twice over what I was ummm 'promised' to spend. At least I'll have some colorful flies to display at My funeral later this week.
  23. I've got one I've been working on myself. Had a rough day at work, so I should be posting again tomorrow night after some tying, and adding a few pics to it as well. The links in my signature.
  24. I use it to go back a year n see what was working that time of year. Also keeps track of weather, and different locations. it helps to figure out what to use, and where to use it.
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