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  1. Hi Eric , Just had to reply , Did write a bunch (new to reply-so , if this is double some how-how , my appoligies ) ; Wonderful thought , growing up in Gibsons , Seaschult (Canada) area , luved to catch Ling , not up to date but think closed every time i think about it , cool , interesting , only concerns on "one-way" fish if in depth. on rock fish , don't remember and Ling adverse reaction from deep . Would Luv ta know any thoughts and how you're making out with any patterns , "please" let me let me know , extremely interested !!! Glad You're here.
  2. Howdy , just moved back from the caribiou to B.C. coast , do not no how this works , just joined today !!! Would luv ta learn about early and new buck -tail patterns and stuff , any thoughts ?
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