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  1. No, the doors dont swing shut on me unless I make my old lady mad. That is a Northern Pike that my Dad caught about 25 years ago.
  2. Here is a picture of the Fly Tying Bench that I built a few months ago. If you would like to get details check out my blog post: http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2015/01/fly-tying-bench.html
  3. Its a fun way to see how and what everyone else is tying...I have gotten some really cool flies in them.
  4. Here is a tutorial of the Copper John I just completed. Thank you, Enjoy! http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2015/01/john-barrs-copper-john.html
  5. I am going to have to agree with Cheech the midge jaws are to expensive to use when the regular jaws hold the tiny hooks just fine.
  6. Got my flies today. All I can say is WOW!!! I hate to do this but is there any chance you guys would be willing to post the recipe for the flies you tied. Thank you Vicrider for hosting the swap. Recipe for the fly I tied: Pryramid Lake Tadpole Hook: TMC 2499BL-SP Thread: White-Ultra Thread 140 Tail: White Marabou Fibers Over body: White 2mm Craft Foam Underbody: Chartreuse Estaz Chenille (or similar product) Note: After tying, coat the foam with epoxy glue mixed with glittter.
  7. I could not justify the extra cost to get the midge jaws. But like I said I managed to tie a size 26 in it. I don't have any smaller hooks to try or I'd test it for you. Thanks for the compliments. Lance
  8. Amazing....That is all I can think to say.
  9. I read you review...it was where I first seen the MagnaVise. Excellent job on the review by the way.
  10. Here is a review of the Muskoka MagnaVise that I completed, thought you guys might be interested. http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2014/10/review-muskoka-magnavise.html
  11. My go to streamer is John Barr's Slumpbuster. http://www.fishbaits...lumpbuster.html I also like Charlie Craven's "Dirty Hippie", Cheech Pierce's "Cheech Leech" and Collin Carlson's "Provo Hooker". I have had success with all four, but I like the Slumpbuster the most.
  12. Charlie Craven uses it for Mcflyfoam Eggs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrGzYNxM00s
  13. Here is my new tutorial on Egan's Red Dart. http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2014/10/egans-dart.html Enjoy.
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