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  1. Thanks you for all the compliments. It was an enjoyable tie. Cheech, my favorite sizes for the UV Worm are 1 and 1/0.
  2. That pattern has accounted for many many fish. I worked at Fish Tech with Mickey Anderson when he was developing that fly, and it was interesting to get his take on things. It's now an Umpqua pattern called the UV Juan. It was a fun tie.
  3. UV Worm to see the Tutorial go to: http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2014/08/uv-worm.html
  4. Awesome ties and awesome picture.
  5. Usually Cheech and Curtis don't suggest flies that they haven't had at least some success with.
  6. I used to whip finish by hand but discovered that I prefer to use a whip finisher. I just felt that it was easier.
  7. It is more of a general edible, but that is what they call it around Pyramid Lake. It can be fished however you want, but I recommend weighting the leader. It would probably work well on top for Bass.
  8. Are we still on track for September 1st?
  9. There is a post in my blog that show what they look like.
  10. Lahontan Cutthroats of Pyramid Lake in Nevada love them.
  11. Got my flies today...very impressed thankyou and and thank you BB for hosting. I thought this was an excellent swap.
  12. Sounds like a good swap. If there is still room I am in with a Super X.
  13. Thanks for the compliments BB and thanks for the flies Vicrider.
  14. Thanks, for the input guys. After doing more research I am thinking about a raft with a hard floor in the bottom. The raft I am looking at is 54" wide and width = stability right?
  15. I want to fish lakes staying near the shore, but I still want to be able to get across a lake if needed. The lakes I fish are mostly medium to small lakes I know "medium" and "small" pretty relative, but it is what it is. I am looking at a 14' long Jon Boat. Not sure about width. I would like to get a 48" wide one but I may have to settle for a 36" wide one. My biggest concern is how it will handle 3 people (myself and my two boys) in possibly choppy conditions. The wind usually always picks up in the afternoons during the summer around here. Stability is my biggest concern. Until recently I fished out of a canoe, but I want to be able to stand in some sort of floating device without feeling like I am going to flip it. I also want to be able to take my boys in it. I have a five year old and I feel that putting him in a canoe could be a recipe for disaster. How stable would you say your Jon Boat is?
  16. COMike, I think I am going to row.
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