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  1. texas, too hot an dry...just a new yorkers .02 cents
  2. wow that is a sweet looking fly...nice work
  3. Adirondack


    Timj - you actually eat those things :dunno: :bugeyes:
  4. damn, you guys are keeping me busy with all these nice patterns!
  5. all the time bro...thats what you get for spending to much time outdorrs
  6. alright I'm In, don't know what variation i will tie yet but i will let you all know....yea this is gonna be a good one... also...where can i get a bunch of filoplume feathers for cheap?
  7. Adirondack


    nice day5, your keepin me busy, definitly gonna tie that one after work tomarrow!
  8. yea nice fly! it does kind of look like tom hanks
  9. damn man i like this one a lot...nice job!
  10. awesome...thx Taxon and everyone, i will try to get some better pictures this week but it has been raining all week and everything is overflowed and the streams are real muddy but i will see what i can do...thx!
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