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  1. I've been trying to get on his homepage for a few days without success. Has anyone else been on the page lately? Swamp
  2. Swamp Fly

    Ground Moles

    While impractical for most people, motor exhaust works. Back in the eighties my father had a modified generator which had the muffler on flexible metal pipe. He could keep the generator inside the garage and have it exhaust out under the garage door during power outages. When the moles got bad he would get up in the morning being careful not to crush any mole tunnels and then wheel the generator outside to a mole tunnel, carefully open the tunnel, and insert the end of the muffler. Once the motor was running he'd just wait and keep a look out for "smoke" to escape in the tunnel network somewhere on the lawn. He'd then take a small board and cover the leak using bricks to weigh it down. Lather rinse repeat. After an hour or so he would stop. I don't know if it actually killed the moles but they wouldn't be back for a while one way or another. He did stop doing that after a a few years. He figured that the moles were after grubs (which were bad too) and just let the moles eat as many as they could before moving on once the pickings got slim. It usually took a couple of weeks. The moles would usually not come back for the rest of the summer. I think back on it and realize that if one could find the mole(s) afterwards the pelt would already be fumigated... 😄 Swamp
  3. Had not considered that. Good idea. I had decided to not use tippet rings for my saltwater fishing because mackerel and needle fish like to attack leader knots zipping through the water when fighting a fish. For attaching a wire bite you don't add a target that isn't already there. Are you using the 2mm or 3mm rings? Swamp
  4. No Need, it's all good. The topic is directly related anyway. Carry on...
  5. Thanks for all of the input! The reason I gave tippet rings a try is because I tend to change flies a lot, I shouldn't but I do. As such I go through a couple of lengths of tippet a session. Not only do I not shorten the last section of leader to the point of needing to replace it over a couple of sessions but it is much faster to replace the tippet using a ring. Just as an FYI I'm warm water fishing down here in Florida though I will try them for Cold water whenever I get the opportunity again. I am loath to try them for salt water fishing down here, I have enough problems with mackerel and needlefish cutting my leader by eating knots zipping through the water without adding anything that might provide any more glint/sparkle. Swamp
  6. Interesting, I have the exact opposite experience with clinch vs. improved clinch knots. I wonder why.
  7. So I decided to try using tippet rings a while back. I really like the functionality of them and I've only found a drawback or two. I've also realized that the White River (Bass Pro Shops) branded rings suck for me. They weaken the tippet in the knot or even cut it out right. I am using an improved clinch knot. My first reaction of course was that the idiot tying the knot (me) was the problem but I'm using the same knot at the other end without problems. I thought maybe the hook wire diameter was more conducive to knot strength but I use hooks both larger and smaller without issue. I've tried varying the number or turns and always lube the knot before tightening. Upon closer inspection the rings look like they have flat sides. This creates edges but the angle is so obtuse I I'm not convinced that is the issue in and of itself. That said it is the only difference between the ring and the eye of a hook that I can see. I have after testing and breaking 4-5 knots in a row used a uniknot out of frustration. I don't really like uniknots that much. They aren't bad knots but I don't tie them often so have to fiddle with them every time because they are not committed to muscle memory. I'd like to stick with the improved clinch. I'm thinking I should try another brand of tippet ring to see if that helps. Any suggestions? Anyone have similar issues and found a solution? Swamp
  8. My wife had one of those and I agree if I chucked the whole thing past 10 feet I couldn't have hit a darned thing! Swamp
  9. Hi Caloosa. Nice! Looks like a fun time! What is smack in the middle of that mess of fish? That brown oscar is covering most of the bottom half of it. It's probably a bass, but the color looks more walleye which I know can't be right. Speaking of the oscars, why did you pass on them? Just too many? Swamp
  10. I'm in N Ft Myers. Less than 4" of rain and some breezy weather was it. We had more rain and wind during a thunder storm a week and a half ago. Not that I'm complaining, not at all. Some areas to the south got a bit more rain with some "flooding", again I've seen worse from afternoon storms over a couple of days. I'm sure that anyone that had some of that flooding or had a tree limb fall on their lanai would disagree with me but this was a like driving over a possum that the fully loaded dump truck in front of you plowed over first. All in all we got lucky and then some. Swamp
  11. I still like the bigger canoe for some things but the solo sure makes it easy. I've been watching the USGS Fisheating Creek site. The water level has come up but zero discharge so far . Once I see flow I'm going. That place is as close to precolumbian Florida as it gets. Can't wait. I just hope it doesn't go from zero to blown out overnight.
  12. @ Capt Bob That must be a tough pill to swallow. I hope that you are able to continue to absorb the cost for a while yet but I would blame you if you couldn't.
  13. Because the water was so low, the caves from the last few years were high and dry, especially if the substrate was clay based. I came across more than a couple of sections that had thousands of holes per 100 yds. That really doesn't seem to be an issue during normal years, but when those creeks get flooded from a tropical system or other major rain event I'll bet an extra 10-14 inches will come off the bank because they are full of holes. Yes they are egg eaters, I imagine it depends on the population of the plecos or the concentration of the nests they are raiding as to whether they make a significant impact. Bream beds might take a pretty good hit, not sure. I haven't observed them eating much algae that is in loose clumps but I see them scraping growth off of surfaces, that is one of the reasons many Loricariidae are popular in the aquarium hobby. This is where I'm not sure what to think. That film feeds a lots of small fish and fish fry. I think one of the biggest impacts that they have is with water clarity. Together with the also exotic invasive Hoplo catfish they will muddy up the water completely. Don't get me wrong, they are cool looking fish but I think they have a pretty serious impact on our water ways.
  14. @Mike When I lived in Melbourne I used to fish the shad run right around the corner from you at Lemon Bluff . Some pretty water up there too. Both of those are an hours drive from the house. My rule is that I have to spend more time fishing than driving so driving 1-3 hours to get in 6-10 hrs of fishing doesn't bother me too much. I don't make a habit of it though, and I admit the older I get the tougher is to drive 2-3 hrs, fish for 8+, and then drive home. I hear ya about the gas. I dropped $100 worth of gas into the truck and it still wasn't full. 🤢 Still others elsewhere in the country pay even more so I guess i shouldn't complain too much.
  15. One of Florida's invasive exotics, this one is a Pleco. They are rather destructive because they burrow into the bank for the purpose of mating. Finally I had some visitors when I took a break to eat lunch. She got very upset and ran away when she finally discovered me. In her defense, I am known to be very good at sneaking up on cows while sitting on a bucket eating a sandwich. Cows are silly. That's it, sorry for the lousy quality but even with post editing a cellphone can only do but so much
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