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  1. Bass Master, As Tier mentioned, you might want to indicate what kind of saltwater fly fishing you plan to do (inshore, offshore, bigger or smaller game etc). Where you will be fishing can make a huge difference, fishing stripers in in the NE vs sea trout in the SE/Gulf vs surf perch on the West Coast call for different flys and sizes. Given your forum name, I'd bet you won't have to change much of anything at all except to upgrade to stronger hooks. I'm not going to weigh in on whether to use corrigible hooks of not, that can be as touchy a subject as barbed vs barbless. You might not even have to add more than a couple of materials if you really do tie for bass. As far as making the transition to the brine you might want to pick up a copy of Lefty's Fly Fishing in Salt Waters. IMO it is still as relevant today as the day the 1st edition rolled off the presses. I cut my teeth with that book so I'm rather biased towards it, but there are many other excellent treatises on the subject out there. Take a hard look at your rods and reels, particularly the reels. While it is true you are much more likely to need a good drag than you need with bass, the real issue is corrosion resistance. Rinse, rinse, rinse, and then rinse some more! Most folks like a faster rod for trying to punch most of a flyline into a gale force "breeze". Rod components these days are pretty bulletproof if you rinse them off and also work the reel seat every once in a while to keep it from seizing (my personal worst form of neglect). If you were hit the salt once a year on vacation no need to buy stuff, but if like you said you will be doing this regularly it may require some upgrades. Swamp
  2. Bought a 5 wt glass rod from Steve a while back. It has spent hundreds of hours on the water, used it yesterday to catch a bunch of tilapia. I have othing but good things to say about the rod and more importantly the service that he provides. He is an honorable man, he did everything exactly as and when he said he would. How he offers rods at the prices he does is beyond me, I can barely buy components for what he charges for an expertly built rod. Swamp
  3. Depends on the situation for me. If I'm trout fishing under a canopy then amber, the lighter the better. Since I don't do much cold water fishing I just own a pair of cheapos in light amber/yellow. On the flats or out from under the trees it's going to be copper or brown, I usually only have one or the other but copper on overcast days and brown on bright days if i have the choice. I have been told that grey w/mirror is better for blue water but I have no experience with that. As others have said stay away from mirrored lenses though I doubt most fish will notice but I did an informal comparison many years ago and the mirroring just darkened the lenses a bit more potentially making it harder to spot fish. Swamp
  4. Those where my thoughts, it might take a bit for the acetate to not be gooey. Shouldn't really be an issue, just curious. Swamp
  5. As always your, ahem, attention to detail is remarkable. You really need to have a set of remote opening red curtains in front of the TV! LOL Swamp
  6. Interesting technique, thanks for bringing this up. How long before the treated floss gets hard enough so you don't mar the body or dull the shine?
  7. Hi Walpy, I live in N Ft Myers, my folks live in Cape Horrible...err I mean Cape Coral. Lost of places you can fish the canals especially the fresh water side. You can also fish Ding Darling on Sanibel. It is likely to be a bit early for snook off of the beach. Down south there is the Tamiami Trail (us41), CR 82going to Goodland/Marco Island, and SR29 going to Everglades City/Chokoloskee those are south (actually west) of Naples. You can spend a lifetime fishing those. Lots of small snook and tarpon along the trail. There are also few not so small ones too, remember a 60# tarpon is still considered a "baby". That fishery depends on water levels, if there is water thee are usually fish somewhere to be found. Further east you get into fresh water. It's a unique fishery, fish in front of you , Detroit's finest <20 ft behind you. Watch your back cast and stay behind the guard rails. I've known Capt Pete Greenan for 20yrs he fishes Sarasota and Charlotte Harbor. I also hear good things about Capt Bill Blanton, he fishes from the Harbor to the Glades. Finally and certainly not least, Chokoloskee is about 1.5 hrs south and our very own Capt Bob LeMay fishes out of there, he needs no introduction, one of these days I'm going to charter him myself. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a fishing guide down here, just make sure they actually cater to fly fisherman, the vast majority don't. I'm not saying they won't try their best but as everyone here knows fly fishing requires an adjustment in tactics and often attitude. Look for light tackle artificial/fly guides. Many if not most guides will take you out and chunk for redfish, nothing wrong with that but probably not what you are looking for. That time of year is fresh water Everglades time for me, but that's not really fishing, it's catching! Native and exotic/invasive panfish are the big draw , if the Lm Bass are in the mood you can catch 100+ a day with an occasional Peacock Bass thrown in. It's about 2 hrs away. Lake O is an hour away. I've never done it but you can rent a yak and fish the Estero river which is 30-40min with traffic during snowbird season. Tell me a little more of what you want to do and and I'll tell you what flies work well for me. My life is a little unsettled at the moment so I can't in good faith commit to anything but I do have a boat and can certainly show you some of the on foot fishing. Like I said though I can't commit to anything, hit me up about me being directly involved once we get closer. At the very least I can mark some stuff on a map. Swamp
  8. Vicrider, I expect the line was not broken off but cut off. Between the oysters bars and the mollusk encrusted mangrove roots it's like fishing in a razor blade factory. A 100# poon can be a hundred yards away in seconds, not even enough time to start the motor and put it in gear let alone give chase at a rate the angler can reel line up fast enough to keep tight. If it was in a smaller creek that fish may well have been around the bend, out of line of site, and dragging the backing across dozens of mangroves. Swamp
  9. Thanks Steve. Oh I can understand what people were trying to say, it's just what they actually say that makes me grouchy. In the 17 years that my wife fought, there were obviously some serious ups and downs, on a couple of occasions she decided she should seek counseling (which I did not discourage). Early on one of her therapists explained the situation perfectly... people are stupid. We had a good laugh about that. The good thing was that whenever someone did say something insensitive my wife would just remind herself of that proclamation and then didn't have to reconcile a stupid comment coming from some otherwise reasonable person. She could just let it go and move on. I on the other hand had to remind myself rather frequently that people were not saying things out of malice. I was rather protective of my wife and had to actively restrain from folding some folks in half. Couple of docs found that out too. One guy realized he was about to be ejected out of the room by way of a wall with no openings. We had a talk... he behaved better after that. He also actually read her file so he didn't proclaim she had cancer or something else 10 years out of date. The nurses tried not to grin, well after things calmed down that is. I'm still not sure they would have given this particular doc medical attention if things had gone south. My initial assessment of him was spot on, what a jerk. ICU = bad. I had to give her permission to go...'nough said. Unfortunately I'll be right back there again before the next sunrise I'm sure. I think you and I are close in age, I'll be 50 this spring. Not that there is ever an okay age to loose someone but I feel like I should have another 30-40 years on me for this to have happened. I imagine you feel the same about your sister. I couldn't begin to imagine such a sudden loss like you have. The devil you know I suppose. I am so sorry for what happened. Piker, We were together for 25 years, that leaves a mark. Kind of a catch 22, some days I yell at myself to get on with it and the next day I wonder what's wrong with me because I actually found the energy to get up that morning. Good thing I don't drink more than a beer or two unless I'm safe among friends and generally pretty happy. Pyme, Thanks
  10. Thanks guys. I've been putting one foot in front of the other for the last 18 years so I'm still doing that if only out of force of habit. I guess 17 years of fighting the cancer with her prepared me for it in a backhanded sort of way. Most mornings I wake up and my first thought is "That really happened". Things will get easier and better, some days the incline up the hill is just steeper than on other days. It's weird some of the things people say, the one that probably perplexes me the most is that I'll get over it. Not a chance. Sure it will get easier, not hurt as much, and I'll move forward, but never get over her. I cared too much for that. Sort of like when she was first diagnosed, people insisted on telling us about all of their family and friends that passed away from cancer. Really?! But enough about that. I'm coping as best as I can, trying to catch up on 10yrs worth of work on the house and property and trying to remember to set the hook as it were. Time to start over, I'm not the first nor shall I be the last to have to do so. Thanks again for the positive thoughts.
  11. Swamp Fly

    Rain Gear

    I really like the Cabelas brand permeable membrane packable jacket/parka, and not just for fishing. I think the matrerial is call Dry Plus or something like that. Works as well as Gortex but without the designer price. I have picked up a couple over the years when they where on sale for $40 ish. Unfortunately since I did not see it last time I looked online I expect that the line has been discontinued by Basspro along with so much other stuff, but who knows. Swamp
  12. I was looking at this stuff online a few days ago, it comes in different colors and physical qualities. It starts at around $20 for 500 ml on Amazon, might be even cheaper from Wan Hung Lo if you are willing to wait on the slow boat from China. Seems like having a few different colors and more or less rigidity might be something to explore. I'm wondering if anyone has messed with it? SilverCreek, this looks like it should be right up your alley, what do you think? Swamp
  13. Swamp Fly

    Been a While

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. Had a paradigm shift in my universe about a year ago proceeded by 9 months of crappy existence. I'd love to say I'm doing better but well not so much. I am trying to move forward some and have actually been fishing a couple of times so I guess that is a start. While I have not tied anything yet, that will need to change shortly I'm sure. I did do preliminary reorganizing of my tying gear a while back. Holy Shite do I need a better way to organize! It took me a couple of days to go though the most recent posts, glad to see that most of the gang is still here along with some names I did not recognize. I hope everyone is doing reasonably well. Swamp
  14. They have all been called that as far as I know.
  15. Last one I went to was great! I'd recommend it for sure. Tell you what, it wouldn't take much to convince me to go, just sayin'.....
  16. Ohhh that's beautiful! Recipe, please! Bet that lands like a snowflake if a person would throw it a couple feet past dry sand. Can't imagine you know a place like that. LOL! Now if the @#$% red tide would just die...
  17. There isn't anything down here that eats for a living that wouldn't just destroy that, everything from puffers to monster tarpon busting glass minnows (bay anchovies). Looks great!
  18. That is a pretty little shellcracker!
  19. Most excellent! In the appropriate sizes those have redfish and black drum written all over them too. Sometimes I really wish redfish didn't hate me so much.
  20. Something else to consider is that to be sure any pelt you buy has been soft tanned unless you what to go through the trouble yourself. The only way I have ever seen muskrat in person is untanned rawhide, though I'm sure that you can buy them tanned from the above mentions Moscow hide and fur link. I bought one for dubbing at a sporting goods store that bought hides from trappers 35 (jeez!!!!) years ago. Cost $6 I think, I didn't care that it was raw. Also avoid pelts that have had the guard hairs trimmed/removed (to make some kinds of coats etc.), there is a term for pelts that have had this done but I don't remember it. Maybe one of the members that run some trap lines can say.
  21. Swamp Fly

    oh my....

    Oh the Humanity! Glad no one was hurt. Riding out the collapse might have been survivable, having literally tons of barrels land on you not so much.
  22. Nice Peacocks Caloosa! That male looks like he had some nice coloring (pictures never seem to do these fish justice).
  23. Contact Simms and get care and feeding instructions from the folks that made the waders. If you do it their way then it pretty much guarantees that you don't void any warranty on accident.
  24. Flats a pic of a hook and the jaws might help. Mike is correct, see if something like cardboard, paper towel or Q-tip gets torn up then you may need to polish the jaws. Yes I'd clean it but I'd stay away from water based cleaners. If you do need to "polish" the griping surface of the jaws I'd use a piece of crocus paper or the equivalent to do so, Just insert and apply a little pressure with the yaws and then pull out the paper. Turn paper over and do the other side, repeat until jaws are polished.
  25. I can see it using Fire Fox.
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