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  1. Rob...yeah it suxx.....I really liked the store ....we all thought it was a God send.....but it never really got off the ground...its barely a tear or so old. Just curious...what town in Ky do you live in? I grew up in Ft. Mitchell in N. Ky and eventually moved down on Lake Corinth before moving to SC. I've seen a few Gander Mountain stores up there...but don't recall any SW's up there ?
  2. Wuh-ooh! I think we have one pack of that left in the store! If it's there tomorrow, I'm grabbing it! We generally fish the NC side of the park. The monsterous hike (2 miles, straight up, then straight down... not long but intense, so hit the stairmaster a for a few weeks first) into Raven's from Straight Fork is worth the extra effort if you're up for it! :wheelchair: Great tie, my friend! Have a name for it? If not, I'm calling it the Overbrook. I got my quasar from The Sportsman's warehouse....but unfortunately they would never restock it and now I'm hearing they are closing the store. :scared: :ripped: Its the only thing within 45 miles. As I mentioned...its similar to ice dub...but a little softer...and I have'nt found the yellow and orange I like...but ice dub does have a nice apple green that works well. The fly is called the crystal calftail ...... I also tie the crystal coachman ..... you can tie it with calf tail, duck quills,synthetic wing whatever....you can even do a parachute version.....
  3. That's exactly what its tied for...small brookie streams in the smokies ....Big creek,Cataloochee,S.toe,Ravensfork and numerous unnamed bluelines the dubbing is called Quasar....similar to ice dub but softer and dubs a little tighter.
  4. Got mine yesterday evening...nice bugs ya'll !! :headbang:
  5. no problems here flykid! :cheers:
  6. Satchmo....mine are going out this morning....thanks for hosting!
  7. Satchmo....can ya send me the addy....thanks OB
  8. Flykid....can ya send me an addy....not done yet....but my internet access may be limited for a while....thanks OB
  9. I got some real nice poppers,buggers,gurglers and more From SullyTM !! :yahoo: I will give them a workout in the pond come early spring! Thanks a bunch Sully! And thanks again BFR for hosting the best swap of the year! :headbang:
  10. Got mine! :yahoo: though the return envelope looked like it had been walked on, drug thru the mud and crapped on by a riendeer...the inside package appeares to be intact Thanks BFR for another fun swap......will anxiously be awaiting X-mas morning :headbang:
  11. I'm in with an end of Jan deadline...like so many others have mentioned....holidays, previous commitments etc. too much too soon
  12. Now thats a sweet lookin fly !!! :bugeyes:
  13. LOL.....dirty dawg.....and hey I'm right behind ya...I'll bring the net
  14. Would that be gqualls? BFR Greg is that you??? :dunno:
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