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  1. I use an old metal peanut can that sits on my desk.
  2. Another good one: http://seaguar.com/applications/knot-guide/62-loop-knot.html
  3. Apparently you're not aware there is more than one "Sucker Spawn" fly pattern. Look up "Honey Bug". Both originated by the same fellow & both use a cream colored cotton chenille. Originated in PA in the 60's. I've been tying them since the 70's. I don't recall the fellows name, but these patterns are good ones. I believe the man's name was Paul Berger.
  4. A white chenille? He does mention it's chenille. But then again my laptop screen is old, small, and cracked.
  5. I completely agree with Mr. Jurecek on the commercial end of fly tying. Everything in this world always comes down to one thing in the end, the almighty buck.
  6. Beautiful work and beautiful rod, well done!
  7. Nice looking setup. Looks like it will get the job done too.
  8. Monomaster here, works great, wouldn't be without it. A lot of the old used mono that gets "stuffed" somewhere ends up on the ground or in the water, just in a different location than where it was stuffed.
  9. I don't really think it matters what you call it. I would call it fishing with a fly rod not fly fishing because I don't view the lures you tied as flies. By the way, the flies/lures you tied look very good. I make several balsa and foam bugs I cast with fly rods and don't consider them flies. But that is my opinion and just amounts to terminology. As long as someone enjoys creating and fishing them is all that matters.
  10. Welcome and hello from Cameron and Clearfield counties.
  11. absolutely amazing and impressive!
  12. Thumbs up for the UNI-Stretch. Builds a smooth, uniform underbody quickly. Works equally well for woven nymph underbodies also.
  13. I agree that some brands may be made by the same manufacturer but that's still a lot of hooks, wow!
  14. Interesting video and procedure, Thanks for posting.
  15. Great video, very well done. Thanks for sharing that Jeff and thanks for posting it Mike. I learned a lot from it.
  16. Cool vise heavynets, good job and nice looking setup!
  17. Cold, you mean to say you can drive tight running screws easier with two, maybe three fingers compared to your whole hand or maybe two hands? I think you might be fibbing to us. Are you sure you weren't dreaming about that home improvement project instead of actually doing it? BTW, I probably have and do drive more fasteners of all types in a year's time than you will in a lifetime. I just don't tell tall tales about it.
  18. Cold said: If I'm putting something together with phillips head screws, I can use just about any phillips head screwdriver that'll fit in the screw. That said, if there's nothing impeding my access to that screw head, I'm going to use the shortest screwdriver I have, because it's getting my hand closer to the working surfaces (that being the screwdriver head and the screw). I'm not gaining anything, and I'm increasing the awkwardness by using a 12" long screwdriver on that screw. Mr. Cold, Using your analogy, you proved why the Fugly packer would pack hair with less effort and therefore more efficiently. Drive 12 or so tight running phillips screws with a stubby phillips screw driver. Then drive 12 more tight running screws with a 12" long phillips. When you're done, let us know which one was the least awkward and required the least effort to drive the screws.
  19. Very interesting story, thanks for posting it. That would be something to decode those patterns and tie them up to see what they looked like.
  20. They work great. Quickly and easily adjustable. Don't kink leader, and more importantly, don't ever slip. They have stayed tight on any sized leader I've used them on. In my opinion, they render the Thingamabobber useless. This is not a paid endorsement.
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