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  1. A happy, healthy new year to everyone! Mike, fairly common actually. http://fishinpa.com/
  2. Looks like the fly tying therapy is paying off, the flies look great. I'm praying that your recovery keeps progressing well for you.
  3. Superb! Very well executed, keep up the good work!
  4. I've ordered from him before, and got a Christmas box last year and have been more than satisfied both times. Good material and great prices, timely delivery also.
  5. Great fly and great SBS, thanks for posting it.
  6. Interesting and informative article with great photography, thanks for sharing it.
  7. Excellent job on both flies!
  8. I think I read somewhere that the term "fly" came about hundreds of years ago. It was said that they were called flies because at some point in the insect's life cycle that it did, or would, eventually "fly" through the air. Just reporting what I read, personally I couldn't care less about what is called a fly and what isn't. Call them what you will, anything else is just parsing words.
  9. These are a couple of my favorite older ones. Left H.J. Noll 1970 and right Herter's 1941.
  10. Xylene/Xylol will also thin Shoe Goo or Flexament. It vaporizes slower so it will increase drying time slightly.
  11. Those mini hoppers look real nice. Looks like a good hook choice and a durable body.
  12. ^^^ Best advice yet on curing ^^^
  13. Your flies are looking very good for just starting out. 8/0 thread is plenty big for flies that size, it will help reduce bulk, just mind your thread tension accordingly.
  14. tire, You're still not getting the point. When did I ever say that you (Flytire) said anything about a dubbing brush machine? Reread my post. The stock photo you show of the Nor-Vise shows a dubbing brush table between the vise and the thread post. You're assuming that if someone uses a lathe type vise that they must also have that clunky table sitting there in order to make dubbing brushes. My point was that you don't need the table or the spinning machine (which was referenced in another post) if you have a lathe vise. That's two less things you need laying around. My lathe vise takes up no more space than your Renzetti. By the way, a kind fellow showed me 44 years ago what a dubbing loop was when he taught me how to tie flies. Don't think I'll have to Google it. For what it's worth, a thread dubbing loop is in no way equivalent in durability to a stainless steel or copper wire dubbing brush, apples to oranges. Maybe you need to do more 'Googling'.
  15. I'd like to see you tie a fly on a dubbing brush machine. The vise is already at your tying area, I don't get your point. A couple reference books stacked on top of each other that are also already at my tying area serve as a stand for the brush wire. Build a stand? Come on, get creative. I do like the Chubby Checker thing though.
  16. Seems if a tier uses dubbing brushes a lot a Nor-Vise would be much simpler and take up less space.
  17. I've bought some Superfly materials at Field & Stream stores. I've been pleased with what I've used. Seems to be on par with most other companys.
  18. My thoughts exactly williamhj. Everything has its time and I think the paper catalog time is up.
  19. Tim uses one in a lot of his videos here. http://www.troutandfeather.com/ Looks like a pretty good vise.
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