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  1. Nice job on the Matt's Gnats. They also are a very productive fly.
  2. ^^^ What williamhj said. Looks cleaner and will NOT ever come apart. They look like real good ties other than that.
  3. As pointed out previously, no jaw design worth its salt needs grooves/notches to hold a hook securely.
  4. Try using Hareline micro fine dry fly dub in Hendrickson pink, #SMF182
  5. I use a small potato chip bag clip from the dollar store. I'm sure they don't work as well as the Petitjean clip but they work well enough for me. I don't think a fish or fisherman can tell the difference in the finished fly.
  6. I'm sorry but I don't know what a Dancin' Eel is, I would have to Google it. But I do know what a Pocket Fisherman is and I agree it has a well earned spot in the top 10, good one Knuckledragger!
  7. No, I wouldn't buy one of the cutter rings. That ring has to rank among the top 10 of the most ridiculous fishing gadgets I've ever seen.
  8. I used a vest for many years and a lanyard and a fishing shirt set up for about 3 years. Wasn't satisfied with either. I got an Orvis guide sling pack last year and love it. You can pack enough stuff in it to fish for a week or just enough for a few hours. You don't have to load it up. However you use it, heavy or light, you don't even know it's there. There are many sling packs out there but after comparing, I believe the Orvis guide sling has the most thought put into the design. The guide sling is expensive and well built. I decided to go with the guide model so I would have the extra room if I ever needed it. I had it loaded to the max for 8 days on the Madison in October, and it performed well. Can't do that with a standard sized pack. I have no affiliation with Orvis although it sounds like it, actually the first and only Orvis product I own.
  9. Nice video, thanks. That young fellow is a hoot. His perseverance should be an example to all of us!
  10. Great video, thanks for posting. Great inspiration for young and old alike.
  11. I have always stored my thread, floss and all spooled materials in clear plastic boxes with lids in my roll top desk drawer. My loaded NorVise bobbin spools are also in them. Could never see the point of exposing them to dust and errant UV rays. This stuff costs too much to leave exposed to the elements. I also don't have to lift up two spools to get to the one I need at the bottom of a dowel rod. Just my thoughts.
  12. I made up a bunch of these. Cheap, easy, and work great. Made some for my tippet dispensers on my fishing pack also.
  13. http://www.wholesaleflycompany.com/ Excellent prices on beads/assortments, coneheads, etc. They also have other items, but not a huge selection. Decent prices on all items. $2 USPS first class shipping on everything.
  14. Looks like a neat setup, very creative thinking. May have been an art/paint box at one time. I also like your choice of tying vise.
  15. Been tying since I was 12 years old. Adds up to 41 years in the hobby.
  16. Started on a Noll kit vise. Moved on to a Thompson model A, which I used for many years and still have. I now tie on a NorVise copy that I built myself.
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