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  1. Thanks to everybody for the help! I have already started tying some flies for April!!! :-)
  2. I may have the opportunity to do some trout fishing on the Yakima river in eastern Washington this summer. I was looking at what patterns are popular and I have heard one mentioned called a "lightning bug." I have looked around the forum and the Internet and I haven't really found anything particular on what a lightning bug is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  3. Here is a recently tied fly. Opinions/comments requested. I know that the head is too big, but what else needs improvement? Opinions much appreciated!!! Thanks!
  4. Hello All, I am new to fly fishing and tying. I live in Colorado and primarily fish for trout. I go to the fly shop and there are so many choices in materials that it is a little overwhelming. I have only tied the basics so far with little variation in color or material. Wooly Buggers, Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, Pheasant Tail, Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, Ant. Any suggestions on other materials and colors for thread, chenille, hackle, dubbing, marabou, etc., that would be useful? I mostly have black, grey, and olive material. Thank you!
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