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  1. I agree with a lot of the points, the article does have some points that are certainly provokes debate. Here is my two bits worth, fly bins in shops have a lot of flies that catch anglers! I would never fish them, I do tie a lot of them because as a fly tier I enjoy the different techniques and styles used in them. A lot of fish we catch are not feeding! I believe any fly will catch a trout as I am sure every fly in the shops display would have caught for someone somewhere! I live in Scotland and my tackle shop has Chernobyl Ant! It would catch a fish but I wouldn't buy it, but I have tied a couple cause I love tying. But on the side of fly development, certain fly companies employ the services of some of the best fisherman and fly tiers there is! The flies they have designed and used to catch wary big old feeding wild trout. They churn out new flies every season and I believe these are excellent! Talking to them and watching them tie the fly live as I am sure most of you would have done and are for that matter, gives you the insight to the thought that the fly has went through some new patterns are gimmicky and are just to sell i.e. squirmy worm, different coloured blobs! fish catchers where I'm from but most of the fish in our big waters are stocked rainbow trout! The flies that get my vote are the ones that catch our native wild browns when they are feeding , to me these are true flies, I will tie and use blobs but tying an Oliver Edward pattern, Paul Procter pattern. They are tried and tested and have been developed over time and still are to some extent . Other flies are decades old are will still be catching fish in decades to come. Anglers complicate fishing always have, but the flip side it creates new patterns and a few are certainly worth fishing and definitely worth tying!
  2. Tiemco is my favourite, but I also use Rite bobbins and Renzetti ruby tip. All are very good but I prefer bobbins with the ceramic tube or insert. Last a lot longer .
  3. Save up some more and buy the Stonfo Transformer vise! THE BEST VISE MADE! lmao...
  4. Save up some more and buy the Stonfo Transformer vise! THE BEST VISE MADE! lmao...
  5. Oh and on the language note, HE IS SCOTTISH! Like me but maybe just had a few drams methinks lol.
  6. I think it overcomplicates a simple but essential fly tying tool. Just buy a tiemco or rite bobbin and still have money left over.
  7. I do use other resins for buzzers etc, I have used bondic for a few months and it is cheaper than the bug bond I use. The torch alone is twice the price of the bondic. I have not had a problem with it at all! It cures in seconds quicker than my bug bond which to be honest I wont buy again cause through this site I have had a lot of good advice on the other products that are out there. I really like it and the proof in the pudding I guess is in the video lol. I do admit it wont cover all the applications used in tying but for some techniques it copes very well indeed. I use it a lot for wing cases and coating butts on flies and its worked without any failures. I like tightlinevideo though think the tips and techniques are superb in all of the videos.
  8. Hi guys I would just like to share something with you in case you have not came across it before. But if you haven't then I suggest you give it a try. Bondic plastic welder for use in tying is excellent and pretty cheap. Youtube tightlinevideo to see the uses of it. Its terrific.
  9. I'm interested myself about buying one, looks excellent value for the money . I have 2 Lamson reels and if the remix has the same drag then I do not think they will be any better reels out there for the price. In my opinion Lamson make the best.
  10. A good whip finish with waxed thread! Varnish gives a nice gloss finish but for small dries I only give the thread a run through some cobblers wax and whip finish! Superglue is good for salmon flies but I prefer using a good water based head cement, dries quickly and you don't have to keep adding thinners to it to get it to the right consistency.
  11. Probably not letting the line straighten out behind before you start your forward cast. Or your casting arm is moving too much on the forward and back casts. Not that I am expert just that was what was wrong with mine when I got a free lesson at a place I fish lol.
  12. The peddle for the mains is 240v, I don't have that but I know guys that use it. It costs too much, its only to save you changing batteries all the time and you get a constant level of power. The torch I use and I have no problem with it, but I only use it for buzzers and the occasional lure. I am pretty confident that it will come the necessary cable and adaptor for other countries.
  13. Tough one! Sweden somewhere stunning looking and lovely big brown trout!
  14. Thanks for the advice guys. Just to clarify my thinking in buying this in the first place. I normally just use Dacron. But I have a reel that is my favourite but its a bit small and I just wanted to add a little more than the 20 yards or so of Dacron backing that's on it! I don't recall the last time I actually had a fish take me into the backing. I know I have bigger reels but its my favourite and I love using it. Just to maximise capacity and I wanted to make sure that If I am lucky enough to hit a biggie it would not ruin my rings on my lovely Scott rod! THANKS ALL!
  15. I have never used this but thinking of getting some. Is it true that it can damage the rod rings? With it being so thin and strong! Also which is the best way off attaching it to fly line if the above is not true? Thanks in advance for any advice guys.
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