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  1. Just back to the forum after long hiatus. Go to YouTube and look at "fly fishing the ozarks" channel. Awesome big articulated flies. They show you materials and it's filmed in time lapse. If you don't tie, a lot of those flies are sold on Internet.
  2. I have a TFO 6wt Clouser and I can sling about anything. Great rod at affordable price point. Good backbone and sensitive tip. Love it. I have an Allen basic trout II reel on it as well.
  3. I love using deer hair for streamers. I've never tried to spin it. It looks difficult even when skilled tyers do it but I may have to give it a go. The Mickey Finn is one of my all time favorites classic flies. Red and yellow. Red and yellow!
  4. Danville fly master waxed for price and large color choice
  5. I bought a cape of JC feathers on eBay from Estonia and they are pretty decent feathers for 40$ w/ shipping. However, they wreak of mothballs! My whole box of materials smells like 'em when I open it up. Is there anyway to get rid of the smell? The skin is dry and very clean so I'm not worried about critters, just the smell. Thanks for your help.
  6. You'll love the Peak vise. I love mine. I hope you already have it and are enjoying how heavy/stable it is. I'm sure the tools you got w/ it will be fine as we all have tied with basic tools. Expensive doesn't always mean better. BTW, my local shop sell bobbins with ceramic inserts for 5$. So you should be able to find these on eBay cheap. The only other thing I would say is make sure you have some fine point scissors. Get some and you'll automatically know why I'm saying this. Good luck, enjoy, and thank you for your service.
  7. Looks pretty good. The one thing that really jumps out at me is that the tail is just a bit too long. The other stuff just needs to be fine tuned. Good job.
  8. I will buy that fly right now! That's an amazing looking fly. I bet the action on that fly is incredible.
  9. McPhail would be pleased w/ those blue charms. I'd fish them.
  10. You guys are wicked smart. The fact you even knew what book to reference is impressive.
  11. JC Cape came today from Estonia after only 1 1/2 wks. Tons of splits but fairly good color. I'm gonna fish with them anyway. However, the cape is Very Clean, dry, and wreaks of mothballs. I don't see any problems here. The hackle is beautiful. Not bad for 40$ and from oversees.
  12. This is why you don't get upset. When your 10 year old schools you on a farm pond and trash talks you at the same time. It means I've taught him something that will last the rest of his life and whether I have a good day or bad day fishing is completely irrelevant.
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