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  1. needed to have a more portable vice for traveling so I made a vice to be able to carry with me. I call it the bullet.
  2. Its actually a light brown color but kept washing out with camera phone. The spiders I am tring to copy are pretty small and on still water.
  3. Built a led lighting system for my vise and machined a different rotating knob also added bobbin rest.
  4. Took some advice and it lost some weight, longer stem, centered the vice to stem very little runout true rotory vice. Thanks for the comments it helped with improvements
  5. Another I just done using size 8 hook and scud back
  6. Hook was wrapped with wire but it is tied with deer hair to get the look I wanted my ponds and lakes around here are full with bluegill and smallmouth so it is what I tied it for. We will find out in the morning.
  7. Looks nice I like the look
  8. Thanks for compliments much appreciated, if you can do wood work metal work is as easy just more time consuming. I have a very small hobby machine shop this was done with a drill press and a 1952 altas 618 lathe oh and alot of sandpaper. My next project is going to be a large arbor reel for my 3wt but it will have to wait for a milling machine.
  9. Thought about putting it on a diet it's still a work in progress, just a personal toy at this time for me. No plans to sell they are alot of work makes you appreciate the price of high end vices.
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