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  1. Thanks, all. I appreciate it! Musky . . . Charlie Craven's book was what I was remembering! But I don't own the book (check it out of the library a lot!). But he was clearly channeling John Barr's fashion sense! Gary
  2. All, Does everyone use Brown Biots for the tails on Copper Johns, or brown hackle for the wings, regardless of wire color? I seem to remember seeing some of the flies with Black biots and wings? Am I mis-remembering? Thanks! Gary
  3. My experience with them (over the last couple of months) is GREAT. The resin works fabulous, and the price is right! Gary
  4. Thanks, all! I have some 7X -- it'll be perfect, and I won't miss it (since I hardly ever use that fine material!). And thanks for the tip to check the UNI website . . . Doh! Gary
  5. Hi! We have a couple of tailwaters in Colorado in which Mysis Shrimp are popular food items for the trout. So, in wanting to tie some up, I ran across one of the most popular patterns (at least according to the fly shops): Will Sands' Epoxy Mysis Shrimp. My sense, from watching the video, and reading some of the pattern descriptions, is that one of the materials, UNI Mono "thread", effectively disappears when coated with the epoxy. Seems like a good idea to me! The only problem is that none of my local fly shops carry UNI Mono. Orvis lists it on-line, but the two local shops don't have it (apparently it's a popular item for salt-water flies -- not a lot of those in CO). I'm wondering if there's an alternative? For example, does the UNI Mono diameter match a tippet size? Could tippet material be used? Or, should I bite the bullet and simply order it online? Thanks! Gary
  6. I've got my aunt's old sewing machine cabinet. We've been wondering what to do with it! I wonder if I can get it away from being used as a lamp-table for my wife!
  7. Looking forward to Friday!
  8. All, Checked on Lagartun wire with an experienced Orvis fishing manager. He said that it is an "older" wire -- predates the Ultra a bit, and they made a finer wire than Ultra. But now that Ultra makes Extra-Fine (small?), there's little reason to go with Lagartun. He used to stock it, but it didn't sell; he rarely even uses the stock he has at his own bench. So . . . no Lagartun for me! Outawattta
  9. Silver, Thanks. I'll see if I can get some photos up this afternoon. Gary
  10. Hi, At my TU chapter meeting the other night, one of my raffle prizes was some tying materials. As a new tie-er, I had to ask what they were. i got the answers, but it doesn't necessarily tell me what to do with them. So, what does one tie with the fur from a badger mask (black/grey/white)? And, if I have full pelt of something that MAY be rabbit (there was a disagreement among the seasoned folks, some thought it was too soft to be rabbit), can I tie it ASSUMING it's rabbit? And the third piece was described as "craft fur" -- white. What does one use craft fur for? Thanks, Gary
  11. Check with the local fly shops. They may have a good idea about clubs/orgs (or they may offer fly-tying nights themselves)!
  12. Thanks, all! Great suggestions . . . and I'll take 'em!
  13. I'm a raw newbie tier, myself. So, the other night, my 10-yr-old found me tying and wanted to "help". He'd tied one fly at a demo (a San Juan worm), and was convinced he knew how. I don't have the know-how to help him much, so I'm wondering what is the best way to get him started. I've searched forums, and seen the suggestion: Woolly Bugger. That's fine, except it assumes that I've got the experience to get him going well. Tom Rosenbauer's podcasts suggest just giving the kid some simply materials and letting them "have at it". What do y'all suggest? Thanks! Gary
  14. Thanks, all! Especially the idea about using electrical cord/old motor! Got a lot of that hanging around! Fishouta . . .
  15. Hello! Gross newbie here! I'm learning to tie using Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying. I'm going step-by-step, as I've seen recommended here, and at my local shops. And I feel almost ready to progress from a Brassie to a Black Beauty. For the Black Beauty, he recommends "Lagartun Copper Wire". At the shop I visited today, they didn't have that (and the sales guy wasn't familiar with it), but they had plenty of Ultra Wire. So it got me to wondering: What's the difference? And will it make a noticeable difference on my flies? Thanks! Outawattta
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