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  1. First one in a long time. Big eye ghost predator.
  2. I'll tel you after Monday when they will get there first swim
  3. Size 18 snowshoe emerged in black for when the gnats are about.
  4. It is not stainless but aluminium. I got mine from here:- http://www.warburtech.co.uk/products/robotics/hubs/nexus.18009.10mm.aluminium.universal.hub/
  5. Yes thats the one. Buffed up with my Dremmel. I wanted to use something other than wood screws so went for stainless steel machine screws and Gold annodised dome head nuts to add a bit of bling I got the nuts from Pro Bolt who make bling it up car and motorbike accsesories.
  6. Having got my new J-Vice I then set off on my goal to make a base. I had in mind some nice hard wood and after trolling ebay but not finding a suitable piece of wood I put a wanted ad and got a reply from a wood worker who happened to have his workshop very close to me. "I can do all that in Oak - it's what I do" I went to His work shop "Works In Wood". We had a natter about what I required and he not only supplied the wood but offered to make the base for me which I grabbed with both hands. I sourced the hardware and this is the result. Thanks Works in Wood. Now with lights fitted. Just need to get a rechargeable 12v battery pack and it will be full portable. The bar supporting the lights can be removed as can the bobbin holders if I so desire.
  7. No just tied them today. I will give them a swim and see what happens. Could be a while though as our waters have been suffering due to high water tempretures.
  8. I Have tried these my self but they just did not do it for me. I just used a knot. Nicely tied.
  9. Some wooden beads fell of my wives jeans(Honest) so had a bit of fun with these. Size 10
  10. Not my usual style but here goes. A doz woolly B*****s
  11. J-Vice No 541 safely installed in it's new home.
  12. Can anyone give me the footprint dimensions of the J-vice base. I am not sure how big or small to go. Thanks. It's Ok I found it. 14 1/2" by 10 1/4 "
  13. I am in the process of designing in my head a nice base. Spotted a piece of Cherry which will do but now trying to design a way to mount the vice. Idea one is to use something like This:- http://www.microrobo.com/10mm-universal-aluminum-mounting-hubs-18009.html Idea 2 is to mount in the side rail a 10mm internal diameter tube with a 6mm hole in the side. Then have a 6mm threaded tube inserted a 90 deg and a ^mm screw to tighten against the vice shaft. Has any one else made their own I could copy or get ideas from. My wood work skills are minimal but hey ho.
  14. Already donated to a new happy owner.
  15. Just bought myself a J-vice. Basic set up just Vice, pro jaws, bobbin rest and clamp Cannot wait for it to arrive.
  16. Not tied to represent anything more to improve technique. The MRC (Mouse, Rabbit and Chicken) I would appreciate feed back on proportions, position of post and density of hackle please. Tied on a Lucian's Demon 110BL #16 dry fly hook. Not for Kittens.
  17. Just starting out with Tenkara fishing so staying traditional. Reverse Hackle Greenwells.
  18. My view is use it. Second hand stuff is just that name or no name. Why did you buy? I assume you wanted a nice fly box which you have.
  19. Hawthorns every where. Size #18
  20. This did well for me today in the Cumbrian lakes UK A sort of Daddy hopper cross.
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